in a perfect world of yancies: Thursday Recap

29 November 2008

Thursday Recap

Please enjoy this quick look at our results from Thursday.

Not a whole lot of food (turkey, cranberries (from whole ones, cooked with orange zest--mmm), cornbread stuffing, and some awesome giblet gravy), but it was tasty.

Main event

How about you, reader? Any photos or stories you'd like to share?

[Update 20:15 30 November]
Here's a shot from a Montana Thanksgiving:

Eponine, Rhonda, Gina, Merrica, and Mr Dominick about to enjoy their meal in Bigfork

And then after dinner we walked (yes, I was able to move!) down to the Egyptian Theatre to see Milk.

Here's a trailer:

Very well done, and timely (not in a good way, I guess, but still) . . . That Sean Penn is pretty darn good at what he does.


  1. Your menu sounds just right. And everything (and everyone) looks good!

  2. We will send a Thanksgiving photo as soon as we get out of FARGO! Snowed in on Monday, we should be home Tuesday.