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13 November 2008

Some Other Stuff I Believe In

I believe in . . .

1) Mass transit!

Hooray for mass transit!
Mass Transit Now - Yes on Prop. 1
Recently voters here in Seattle passed a "$22.8 billion transit expansion package, the biggest in several decades," in the words of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Not only that, but they (we!) passed it even though (especially because!) it had *no* new money for roads (unlike last year's failed measure). Yay for mass transit!

Now I wouldn't go so far as to say that those wonderful folks back in Lawrence topped us, but I do have to give them their props. From the Journal-World:
"Lawrence voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a pair of transit sales taxes — one to keep the city’s bus system operating, and another to expand it."

Two transit sales taxes! That's just awesome. Well done, Lawrence!

And I also believe in . . .

2) Um, you know, stuff like equality and fair treatment and simple effing human decency.

So, on a less cheerful note, that stupid Prop 8 in California is still really harshing my gig (?) . . .

Now I'm not a regular viewer, but a couple of my facebook friends put this Keith Olberman video up recently, and I think it does a nice job of saying a few things that probably (unfortunately) need to get said:

And local hero Dan Savage was on Colbert the other day talking about it as well:

3) and pie. Mmm.


  1. Shall we at least give kudos to Connecticut?


  2. You're totally right!

    I thought (of course) that the Times had a nice story about the first same-sex weddings in CT.

    Great photo. And great work, Connecticut!

  3. I wish we had public transportation where I live ...