in a perfect world of yancies: January 2007

12 January 2007

last year

Okay, I guess I'm running out of excuses for how slow I've gotten with these posts. But here's us in DC before New Years.

Sadly, I don't have too many pictures, and Deron, of the many wonderful people we saw, is the only one I was able to capture on film. . . . Here he is, on the phone with Haley, standing next to Yancy, as he kindly guides us on a tour of some of the major monuments (that's Arlington National Cemetery in the background):

But it was a great trip—saw, among others, Aaron Dopf, Steve Ferguson, Tom Tuozzo, Haley Harrison; had an interview that seemed to go well enough (I'll keep you posted); toured the National Archives, saw a some of the National Gallery (Emily even saw the Seinfeld Puffy shirt at the Air & Space Museum (it's there because the history museum is being renovated)), toured the Library of Congress:
Mimi in the Library of Congress.

Outside the National Archives

Inside, at this cool exhibit where you could "research" various topics on moving screens that would pull up photos and videos held at the Archives.

We also happened to be there when President Ford was lying in state. Quite moving thing to see. That emotion is almost captured, but not quite, by the following photo:

We also waited by the World War II memorial to see the hearse go by


the crowd

Okay, two quick bonus shots from Christmas:
Yancy with his new niece Amelia
Peppermint cake made by Magen and Emily

Up next: San Diego! Stay tuned.