in a perfect world of yancies: Magen!

10 November 2008


What a fun weekend! Beautiful weather, good food, a break from grading, and Magen was in town!

We hit some of the classic neighborhood standbys, like the Volunteer Park Conservatory and Coastal Kitchen.

Not sure exactly what these are, but I know they're pretty:

Also tried out some new stores, like Casita International, where some gifts for some young folks might have been purchased by Magen (shh!), and where Emily found a cute coin purse made from recycled (and Vietnamese?) plastic . . .

Of course we hung out downtown for a while, and checked out the sculpture garden.

Look: the sky cleared up enough to see Rainier! It's there between that sculpture on the right and those buildings on the left . . .

Fun stuff. And if I get ahold of the photos from that camera in Magen's hand (hint hint) I'll let you know, reader . . .


  1. Forgot to say it, but thanks for that funny story about the woman from the North Pole, Anonymous 8 November.

    Good to know that at least some Alaska residents can manage to see clearly and still have a sense of humor . . .

  2. How very nice that Magen was able to visit. Any luck getting some of her photos?