in a perfect world of yancies: June 2013

27 June 2013

A Grand Smile

Walking with Grandma
Franklin had some fun showing Grandma Christine around town last week!

A trip to the playground, a visit to Olympia Pizza, even a drive up to Ballard to see the locks and the fish ladder:
Fish Ladder

I guess I didn't get any photos, but we also enjoyed taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Franklin especially enjoyed running and splashing out on the deck :)

(His dad, for the record, was inside, staying out of the wind...)

Saw a few sights, and had a nice lunch at Doc's Marina Grill.

No weekend with Franklin would be complete, however, without a few books:
Reading with Grandma
Thanks Grandma Christine, for the new addition to the library: Little Fish Finger Puppet Book.

Reading with Grandma... and a Tube

Sorry the visit was so short, but we did take a look at some micro apartments, so maybe we can remedy things soon...

In the meantime, how about some bonus video footage? Here's our man on the slide:

And here he is with the crab pull toy that's finally come into its own lately:

20 June 2013

Let Summer Commence!

Wait, it's Thursday and I'm just now telling you about the weekend? Guess grading really has kept me busy! Nevertheless:

I had a nice time at the Seattle U. undergraduate commencement on Sunday. Erik Larson gave a pretty charming speech—I may need to take a look at that Devil in the White City book after all!

Anyway, I was looking for photos of the ceremony on the University photo database, and couldn't find anything yet... but I did happen across this cool photo of me watching student presentations in my Intro. to Phil. class:
Class in the Quad
Our room was really not designed for the unseasonably warm weather we had this spring, so we spent probably a third of the quarter outside. I'd totally forgotten that we ran into that school photographer; great shot!

Emily also got a couple of great photos over the weekend. Upon their return from the spraypark:
Love those trunks, and the rash guard!

And at Smith for Fathers Day:
Fathers Day at Smith

Not sure if you already saw this, but the folks at Franklin's daycare helped him make a pretty cute card for me:
Thanks Franklin!

And Emily helped him pick out a very thoughtful gift: my own fitbit! I've been envious of Emily's for a while, especially now that she's doing things like comparing stats with her dad.
(Just for the record, Fran and Dave have been on a hiking trip, so he won't normally be that far ahead of me. (Right?))

Feel free to track my progress:

Finally, I love that Lewis is back on the air! Great finish to last weekend. This weekend too, I imagine :)

Watch Inspector Lewis: Series 6 Preview on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

The only downside is that this very charming story in the Times makes it sound like this season may be the last. Though I suppose if someone gives us 26 years of good TV we should really just be grateful...

All right reader, I'd better go for a run so I can get my steps for the day!

15 June 2013

A Splash of Fun

Beautiful day to head to Miller Spraypark and take a break from grading:

Took Franklin a little while to warm up to the scene, but he seemed to enjoy himself:

And for dinner, he surprised us by devouring almost half of a veggie burger patty—no bun, just the burger:
Grillers Prime
Grillers Prime, if you're wondering.

All right, back to work!

13 June 2013

Term Papers, Final Exams, and,
Oh Yeah, Happy Anniversary!

Whew. What a week. Too busy with grading to post much, but I do love this photo from our anniversary on Sunday:
Happy Anniversary!

And even though traffic was nuts and we literally ran over a mile to get there in time, we loved the ballet. For more, try the Seattle Times review.

Meanwhile, as we were watching and wheezing, Franklin was at home having fun with Wendy:

Thanks again!

All right, one more final exam to give, and one more week of grading!

05 June 2013

One More Week of Spring (Quarter)

Walking with Franklin
Pretty fun to have such an energetic and charming young man to walk around with lately.

And thanks to Pete and Emily for these great pictures from our walk at the Washington Park Arboretum:

I don't know about you, but I think Franklin just might like that new hiking carrier!

In other news, I'm getting excited for my summer class with the students from the Pacific Northwest Ballet. (But I'd better write that syllabus soon!) They even invited me to watch them in a dance class last week:
So beautiful! Might just need to go and see their current show later this week!

Finally, Franklin's really been into putting on this KU hat lately:
Loves His Hat
Starting to grow out of it already. But don't worry—a new one is already in the mail! :)

And why are my posts getting sparse? End of the quarter! Woo! In fact, I have so many papers to grade that I had to ask Emily to help with Franklin today. Fortunately, that meant my lunch break became a quick picnic in the park:
Picnic Lunch!
Best lunch ever!

All right, reader. Onward to finals week!