in a perfect world of yancies: February 2011

17 February 2011

Crossing You in Style

You know what I love? Old movies on the big screen. Seattle's Cinerama is among the cooler theaters in town, and lately they've been showing some Valentines-y classics, including Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Great movie--I'd forgotten just how great it really is. And seeing it on that huge beautiful screen!

Won't look nearly as good, but here's a nice little scene:

And afterwards Emily treated me to this adorable snack, from Top Pot Doughnuts:
I <3 Doughnut
Filling for the stomach and the heart!

Cheers, Reader.

12 February 2011

Around Town

What a week!

On a lighter note, take a look at these delicious cookies from Café Presse:

And I had the chance to experience the easy part of Emily's bike commute (we skipped the incredibly steep (though well-named) Yancy Street).

Here's a map of her route:

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We took a right after the bridge and headed up toward Alki (northern tip of West Seattle).

Plenty of fun, though. Cool to ride underneath the viaduct:
Under the Viaduct

Hey, speaking of, Danny Westneat is right: let's save part of the viaduct and build a cool park!

10 February 2011


You're probably not checking my blog for the latest updates on Egypt...

But just in case, here's live video:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy is also excellent, but I don't think I can embed it.

And here are Obama's remarks:

New York Times live blog also very good.