in a perfect world of yancies: February 2006

27 February 2006


So my prediction for the Texas game was a little off. . . .

If you can handle more basketball, Scott's put up a blog focused on the Jayhawks: feel free to check it out at

In other news . . . well, not much happening--Braxton (and Magen too) is on the way; my goal is to have a small cap knit for him by Thursday; wish me luck--or don't; whatever.

And, Deron, if you're watching, the Economist did a nice job of defending the position on free speech that I was bumbling my way through the other night: click here if you're interested (that offer, of course, is open to any and all interested in a nicely written defense of free speech).


25 February 2006

ὦ Σοφιστής

On a lark (?), I've decided to offer those of you playing along at home a glimpse of what goes on in my Ancient Philosophy class. Now, keep in mind that we just finished up with a group of thinkers called Sophists, considered by many (like Plato, for example), to be something like philosophers gone bad. Despite that characterization, these folks made some entertaining arguments. Among my favorites is a series of arguments by a man named Gorgias which supposedly show that 1) Nothing exists; 2) even if something did exist we could not know or think of it; and 3) that even if we could know or think of what exists, we could not talk about it. For my students' sake, I attempted to write up a formal proof of the arguments--if you have a minute, and feel like some fun, please click here and enjoy. I cannot find an online text of the actual fragment, but it's a good deal of fun . . .

on a totally unrelated note, just for the record, my prediction for today's game is--oh yes--KU 83, Texas 68

23 February 2006

too much KU?

I hope that's what they're saying in Austin Saturday night . . .
anyway, I don't want to go too far w/the basketball stuff, but I do want to share this video, if you're interested:
it's some highlights from, which I edited together . . . enjoy

18 February 2006

knit-tastic; hail to old KU

We're both working on our knitting lately, and have both completed our scarves, which is a good thing, considering we had to walk about a mile and a half to get to the KU vs MU game today . . . final score? KU 79, Mizzou 46--yeah, that's right

We went a little early, to enjoy the new KU sports hall of fame. It was pretty cool--tons of memorabilia, trophies, Wilt Chamberlain's letter jacket . . . unfortunately, a couple thousand other people also went early to take a look before tipoff . . . kind of crowded, though we did get one pretty good picture:

Emily (w/new scarf), next to the original floor of Allen Fieldhouse

in the house today: Kirk Hinrich and behind him (not looking across the Fieldhouse at my camera, alas) Wayne Simien

The game was a blowout, but pretty entertaining. I managed to get one decent bit of video (in my opinion, at least): C J Giles setting up a dunk for Christian Moody.

For highlights of a little more quality, along with other coverage, see the story at

good thing I made myself a scarf--high of 14ºF today
(that's about -8ºC, Merrica)

Mimi in her scarf, on the way home from the game

Back home, Mimi's working on the back panel of her (upcoming) new sweater

the back (soon to be) of the sweater

and in case you couldn't see how deliciously pink the scarf I knit is, here's another shot; and please enjoy the ribbing . . .

16 February 2006

Stewie's funny

Okay, I still don't have sweater pictures, so instead I offer (probably in violation of someone's copyright (sorry!)) two of my favorite clips of Stewie from Family Guy. Enjoy.

14 February 2006

nice pass

Although yesterday's game wasn't our best, and although Julian's had passes even better than this one, I thought this gives a nice glimpse of his charms (& it was easy to get the footage from; enjoy:

oh, and don't worry: sweater pics soon, I promise

09 February 2006

good luck (sp?) Deron

can you believe it? the computer's already back & working fine--I called Sunday, and all's well by Thursday (& for free too!) (kudos to Apple)

here are some pics from Deron's farewell party (most (the good ones) courtesy of Haley Harrison (herself, alas, unpictured))

Mimi, Deron, Tom, and Jesse

Yancy, Dusan, and Ryan

Dusan and Ryan . . . mmm

Deron and Seth

Deron and Tom

Nathan, playing at Brando

it's probably unfair of me to post this, but here's Deron toward the end of the evening

Deron and company

Scott showed off his tattoo for us, thank heavens

who could have altered this note to the man of the hour?

Dusan, um, knows how to party

ah Jesse

what can I say--with all of Haley's help, this is the best I can do for the camera . . .

08 February 2006

patience, reader

just a quick note:
our computer's in the shop (?) right now--not exactly sure what's wrong ("logic board"?), but Apple's been good about fixing it for free, so cheers to them

anyway, I probably won't post much until it's back (next week, I hope)

so here's some quick comments (I'm on the Dell in my office, which is no fun; hence my haste)
1) Deron got a job in DC (National Journal) and is leaving this week: good luck & all that!

2) our team's not ranked despite playing well & beating ranked Oklahoma, alas

3) burning down buildings because of cartoons seems a bit silly if you ask me: you have to be able to take a joke, right?

4) and fuck Alberto Gonzales

well, that last one sounds a bit negative; how about I end with a promise that as soon as the iBook's back, you'll have the chance to view not only my completed scarf, but also the progress Emily's made on the sweater she's knitting