in a perfect world of yancies: October 2014

25 October 2014

You Clean Up Nice

Busy fall, but let's just take a quick break to admire how nice Franklin looks in autumnal hues:

I can't decide—would that look better cropped? Like this:


Some of this is out there already, but what's fall without homemade apple pie?

And Halloween of course:

For weeks he's been saying he wanted to be a crocodile. Living the dream.

(Though I should add that on the day before the costume arrived he said he'd rather be a Spiderman Bee, so...)

But speaking of cleaning up well, have you seen this new series on PBS, How We Got To Now?

By far the best thing I've seen on TV in weeks (years?). That bit about raising Chicago up on jacks to install sewers? Amazing. Very cool show.

Emily's in Arizona on a mothers/daughters/aunts/cousins trip, so I just might indulge in another episode tonight as my reward for a day full of hard work and serious fun with Franklin.

What did we do? Main event was getting a pumpkin up at our friends' little farm north of the city. Sadly I didn't get a chance to take many pictures, and I so far have no record of the pumpkin itself, but the shot up top features one of the main fun prizes they hid in a pile of hay for the kids. And here are a couple from their tree house play apparatus:

Cheers, reader. Hope you're having a wonderful October!