in a perfect world of yancies: September 2013

25 September 2013

A Deep Exhalation

Can you believe today's the first day of the Fall Quarter at Seattle U? My class isn't until tomorrow, but I'm getting pretty excited. Should be a great year!

And it's been pretty fun ringing in the new year these last few days. While I was wrapping up the Northwest Ancient Philosophy Workshop, Franklin and his new friend Samson were enjoying the first day of fall.

(Thanks to Erin for the photo, and thanks to everyone for a fun weekend!)

Franklin was happy to show Samson around the Cal Anderson playground:
On the Playground with Samson

And they were both pretty thrilled to find a tennis ball:
Ball & Samson
Love the look on Samson's face :)

They even saw a rainbow while stopping for a snack downtown:

(Thanks again, Erin!)

Speaking of rainbows, the whole Workshop was a lot of fun, but one of the highlights was seeing this awesome diagram of the world according to Aristotle's Meteorologica:
Aristotle's World
From Structure and Method in Aristotle's Meteorologica by Malcolm Wilson (available January 2014).

All that fun's kept me from posting much recently, so here's a few quick items for your consideration:

Fun at the State Fair:
At the Fair
(Thanks for the photo, Bria! Lots of fun seeing friends, but hard to get many photos ourselves lately... seems to be inversely proportional to Franklin's speed on foot...)

Did get a nice look at some sheep though:

And Emily got a nice photo in the Pig Palace:

And recently: a car with a broken wheel was left at the park, and greeted with pure joy by a good friend of mine:

And that good friend's Grandma just retired!
GMAC Retirement Party
Woo! Congrats!

And if things go smoothly this is the fountain she'll see from the window of her new apartment in Seattle:
Abbottsford Fountain

All right, this last is more from the slow trickle of photos from Jamie and Monique's wedding, and I very much like it:
Laughing Franklin
Okay reader, I'd better go outside and enjoy this last day before my quarter starts!

12 September 2013

Summer's Final Bow

Yes, I know those rainy day photos might have made you think of fall, and I know my last post mentioned autumn mists, but let's not forget that we still have a few sweet days of summer left!
Last Day at the Wading Pool
In fact, the opening bit of Melissa Clark's recent column is just about perfect:

The calendar may claim September as a summer month, but our national psyche insists that it’s fall. That’s probably because we associate going back to school with crunching leaves underfoot and bundling up in cozy sweaters, even when the temperatures are still in the 70s and the trees still green and full.

This is sad in a way, because in the Northeast September is usually the nicest of all the summer months...

Awfully nice here too of course!

And a nice time to celebrate the closing days of this wonderful summer.

Best summer class I've had the pleasure to teach:
In fact, simply one of the best classes I've taught.

Great experience!
Meanwhile, once fall's really here the new ballet season starts up. Check it out on their website. And yes, the woman sitting in the middle up above is featured on the home page of the Pacific Northwest Ballet :)

Fall's approach also means my summer of planning is almost over and the Northwest Ancient Philosophy Workshop is almost here!
NWAPW 2013 Poster
Hope you like that website by the way!

Finally, you're probably wondering what Franklin's been up to lately. Well, he's learned how to climb into his chair:

And he's found his favorite section of the newspaper:
Checking Out the Car Ads
Car ads—figures :)

And had some fun checking out the scene at Flowers on 15th the other day:
At Flowers on 15th
Enjoy the rest of your summer, reader!

04 September 2013

Season of Mists

Okay, well, my two favorite sections of the Times this past weekend both mentioned the turning that comes around Labor Day, and in fact both referenced Keats' To Autumn along the way.
Cuddle Time
I suppose it's not by coincidence that Franklin's now starting his new year at the Intergenerational Learning Center: he's left the Baby Room and moved on to the Toddler 2 Room! Not only that, but he'll now be there four days a week, instead of this past year's twice only. That of course means he'll be home with me just one day a week now instead of three...

Maybe I'm a bit o'er-brimm'd with sentiment, but it feels like a big change.

He of course already loves it, and I am definitely enjoying having a little more time to stretch out and enjoy the wonderful work I'm fortunate to call my job. But—and please forgive the self-indulgence—before we get too far along I want to stop and appreciate just how amazing it's been to spend so much time with that guy.

(PS, I promise: if you make it to the end, there's new material too!)

So, from so many great days, a few favorite photos and videos:
Franklin and Dad Reading the New York Times

April 2012:
Nap Time

May 2012, when Emily went back to work:
Hey Baby

Photo texted to mom, June 2012:
Hi Mom

June 2012 is also when we started our weekly lunches with Pete. We should be able to continue those on Fridays, but here's a little look back:

Plato research, July 2012:
Researching Plato with my Best Bud

Visiting mom at work:
Visiting Mom at Work

At the Birth and Beyond drop-in class:
Meeting babies... and their toys!

September 2012:
Boys Can Wear Pink

October 2012—so ready to crawl:


November 2012:

December 2012:
Reading "Global Babies"

Christmas Tree!

January 2013:
Making the Most Of It

Play Yard

Franklin Helping Hold my Umbrella

February 2013:

March 2013:
At the Central Library

Straight to the Top

April 2013:
Spotting Koi

Downtown library story time:
Story Time

Where's the Rim?

Is It Summer Yet?

May 2013, at the Capitol Hill library:

Seems to Like His New Raincoat

Walking with Franklin

June 2013, more story time fun:
Put the Bag on Your Head

And fun at home:

But as you know, this summer we found our one true Dad & Franklin love:

Wading & Boating

August 2013:
Reading on the Chair

Reading on the Chair 2

August's almost over in this next picture; good thing he's recently learned how to say "big kid":
Trucks and Car

And on the last Friday in August, just before our new schedules start, what better way to celebrate this excellent time:

Cheers, all!

01 September 2013

A Friendly Review

Lot of fun we're trying to squeeze in this week—can you believe it's the last weekend for the wading pool??—it's been tough to find time to post much lately. So, here's a quick attempt to get caught up:

Great seeing so many friends recently! Deron and Haley spent a few days in the area, and Franklin enjoyed showing them around Capitol Hill:
Emily, Franklin, Deron, and Haley

And we even convinced him to stay home with a babysitter one night so we could show off a couple of spots he's still too young for, like Sun Liquor:
Haley, Yancy, Deron

The extra, exciting twist was that Jeremy and Aiko were also here at the same time, scouting out possible jobs and neighborhoods:
Jeremy, Aiko, Emily
Sure hope it works out—would be great to see everyone more often!

Trying to help them fall in love with the Emerald City, we took them on the water taxi and spent a nice afternoon in West Seattle:
The Gang on the Dock

Franklin suggested some activities:
Rent Me

But we opted for more delicious food from Marination Ma Kai instead:
Yancy and Aiko Enjoying Seattle's Summer Sky
Great setting, great food, great company!

The Gang at Marination Ma Kai

And of course Franklin did his best to make our little apartment look like a charming place:
Franklin and Jeremy 2

Franklin and Jeremy

Franklin and Aiko

Franklin and Aiko 2
Hope to see all of you again soon!

Bonus photo! This is from almost a month ago, but I love this photo that Monique sent us from her & Jamie's wedding:
Family Photo at Jamie & Monique's Wedding
Rosé and string cheese: yeah, we know how to bring the party :)