in a perfect world of yancies: November 2006

24 November 2006


Yesterday we enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving in St. Charles.

Dave, Fran, Mimi, and Chris: some wine, some cheeseball, and all is well

Fran, Mimi, Chris

Mimi: notice the new sweater--she's getting pretty handy with those knitting needles, no?

Dave working on the turkey

then we're agreed

at the table

A fabulous feast. My personal favorite: the sweet potatoes with corn and ginger. Recipe's from the Chicago Tribune. Tasty.

Hope you too, reader, had a happy day.

13 November 2006


We had the pleasure of attending Chris and Carrie's much-anticipated wedding, at Maxim's in Chicago. A grand time.

Rev. Dr. Lee, Chris, Carrie, Mrs. Lee

A shot of the band, the Reinvasion (because they play a lot of British Invasion covers--get it?) they were pretty damn good, I'd say (if anyone has heard of them, we'd love to have a link to their website (do they have a website? doesn't everyone have a website?))

Please enjoy this brief film of the couple's first dance:

Greeting the crowd after the (lovely--of course!) ceremony

This clip is long, and you can't see much . . . but if you play it, you'll hear Deron's toast to Chris and Carrie; a treat, I promise:

Paul and Angie

Deron and Haley (can you believe it? Deron's in a suit!)

And away they went

03 November 2006

too good not to post

this campaign season has me pretty weary, but I do really like this ad:

What about it, reader? Pretty good, no?