in a perfect world of yancies: July 2013

31 July 2013

I'm Posting a Post about a Poster

Getting excited for the Ancient Philosophy workshop I'm organizing for September! And check out the poster:
NWAPW 2013 Poster

The background image is the first page of the 1578 Stephanus edition text of Plato's Republic.

Now, as that nice, informative linked page will tell you, the Stephanus edition is cool not only because it's pretty to look at, but also because that edition provides the standard citation system for Plato. So your own copy of the Republic ought to have a little "327" on its first page, helping us all find quotes and whatnot; and that "327," as you can see, corresponds to this actual page. Love it!

I also love that in this magical time the entire thing is available to read online at the Internet Archive. What the heck, here's a look:

(Also kind of a cool bonus that that's John Adams' copy!)

Okay, I'd better get back to actually organizing the conference. Until next time, reader!

26 July 2013

Summertime Summertime
Sum Sum Summertime

I am so glad I got to take a summer vacation with Franklin and Emily!

And I just love this photo with the Iwanski cousins:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Before we saw them we had a quick breakfast with Grandma Christine at the Windhill Pancake Parlor:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

And then we set out north on the way to Tom Doyle Lake.

Of course, had to have lunch on the way:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Beautiful spot for sure:
Tom Doyle Lake
Thanks again to the Iwanski's for inviting us up there!

Only real downside was that all the fun led to a rocky first night in the cabin, though we did finally find a sleeping arrangement that seemed to suit everyone:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

And then it was fun all around. Fun at the nearby grocery store:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Fun out on the boat with Dave and Amelia (and Braxton, sitting in front of us):
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Fun looking at books with Evan:
Franklin's Summer Vacation
Franklin's Summer Vacation
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Even a little fun trying to take that photo up top:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Only real downside, as those of you following my Fitbit stats will know, is that vacations like this seem to slow me down a bit more than I might like:

Now, what do you think?

Was that caused by
A) Having a rental car?
B) It being far too hot out for someone from Seattle?
C) Just a general vacation mindset?
D) Or maybe all of the above?

In any case, sitting still and driving did have a couple of advantages, like the opportunity to capture a glimpse of Franklin's carseat chatter:

Back in Illinois, we did take a couple of short walks around the neighborhood:
At McCollum Lake with Mom & Grandma C

And back at the house, we tried to take a close look, ahem, at some of the many boxes of family papers and mementos:

Also had a nice visit with Aunt Dorothy:
With Aunt Dorothy

And an almost surprisingly pleasant trip back home:
Heading Home

It's good to be back, but I can't wait to see everyone again!
Happy summer, reader!

13 July 2013

On Island Time

Been a little while since I've posted; guess the slow and easy pace of Orcas Island has stayed with me...

Thanks to Jon, Sara, and of course Anders for a fun weekend together on the Island! (And thanks for that last photo!)

Had a relaxing stay at the Doe Bay Resort. Ran out of time to try the soaking tubs or yoga classes: I suppose we'll just have to go back soon!

Franklin's favorite part may have been the ferry ride out there:
Weekend at Doe Bay
I know that photo's a little backlit, but can you see the look on his face?

And by the way, if you want more photos, there's a set on Flickr.

Sara and Anders taking in the view from the boat:
Weekend at Doe Bay

Franklin and Emily too:
Weekend at Doe Bay

Weekend at Doe Bay

Tried to capture the view from the resort with the panorama feature on Emily's phone:
Weekend at Doe Bay

Weekend at Doe Bay

Enjoyed a nice 4-mile hike around Mountain Lake in Moran State Park.

Franklin and Anders were pretty happy in their carriers for the first couple of miles, but then they insisted on stretching their legs:
Weekend at Doe Bay
You know what's hard to do? Photograph two toddlers operating at full speed.

Got close a couple of times:
Weekend at Doe Bay

Weekend at Doe Bay
Great weekend. Just wish we could see Anders and his parents more often!

Finally, when we returned home we were happy to see that Franklin still likes black beans—he probably ate as many as Emily for dinner the other night.

Gave us a nice opportunity to make a photo diptych to match the one from his first taste of table food (hard to believe that was almost a year ago now!):
Black Beans... Yum!
And now we're off to Illinois and Wisconsin! Can't wait to see some Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins!

Until then, cheers!

06 July 2013

Ready for Fun in the Sun!

We're about to take off for a (cross your fingers!) relaxing weekend in the San Juan Islands.

But before we go, here's a quick shot of Franklin reminding me to be sure and pack his sunglasses:

Have a great weekend, reader!