in a perfect world of yancies: May 2007

22 May 2007

Tractors, Pomp, and Cirmumstance

Last weekend, the Hughes' and the Iwanskis spent Saturday with us.
We toured campus, Mimi prepared (with some help, but really it was Mimi all the way) some tuna burgers, spicy potato salad, three bean salad, deviled eggs, and, the crown, some all-vegan lemon cupcakes . . . mmm.

Amelia with "Nana"

Before dinner, we took a short tour of the public face of John Deere, based just down the road in Moline. Dave ("Paw-paw") and Braxton seemed especially excited, but we all enjoyed the up-close look at some giant (new) and slightly smaller (antique) farm equipment.

Braxton and "Paw-paw" in a tractor

close-up of "Paw-paw" and Brax in the tractor

Magen in, yes, a cotton picker

cotton-pickin' close-up

big truck

big tire

big scoop

Amelia, Magen, and Braxton, who, after pushing his bubble-blowing mower for about a mile along the Mississippi, was tired enough to ride on the stroller, but insisted on hanging on to the mower . . .

Sunday was Augustana's graduation. I suited up in my (mostly rental, but the hood is mine) regalia and marched with the other faculty members. In fact, since they march in order of ascending rank, I led the procession. . . . Never felt more like a college professor.

Ceremony was good overall, though it ran three hours (they read all 575 names, one by one). Good speech, though (by a Rev. Gomes, from Harvard).
My favorite quote from the commencement address: “Besides some real estate and badly brought-up children, what will you leave behind?”
Oh snap. (Are people still saying "oh snap"? I feel so out of touch here in The Quads (as Senator Obama calls the area). . . . Whatever.)

Story here.
Can't really see me in any of them, and there's some weird copy-protection stuff on the images, but there are a few photos online here.

If you want to see me, though, here's some shots at our place:

Please enjoy the lining of the hood: KU's crimson and blue.

17 May 2007

Amelia, A Birthday, A Winery, A Trip to Japan

Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting little Amelia (pictured here w/aunt Mimi) in St. Charles (& I guess we saw the rest of her family too (?)). In fact, Emily and I were asked to be her god-parents. Done.

After the ceremony.

With Magen.

Also recently we made a trip into the city (to Andy's Jazz Club, right downtown) to toast Chris Lee's 30th.

Carrie cutting the cake with a giant chef's knife (guess jazz clubs don't usually serve birthday cakes: surprising, I know).

The lovely couple.

Recently, I too had a birthday (how old? I'll never tell). One gift was a membership to a wine club at a winery outside of town (thanks, Dad and Rhonda!), called Lavender Crest. Because I am both busy and lazy, we just got out there last weekend, but maybe that was for the best, since it was a beautiful day: perfect for sitting outside near some (ornamental, but whatever) grape vines & sipping some local wine.

(Waiting for the wine . . .)

And finally, my mom just returned from a visit to Japan to see Merrica. Since Merrica's slow with the blogging these days, here are a few of my favorite photos from the visit:

Want captions? stories? details? Me too.

(Oh, and please enjoy the song now playing. If this Amy Winehouse is so trendy, then she can show up here, right?)