in a perfect world of yancies: June 2010

15 June 2010

On the Edge of the Continent

Had a great time in Olympic National Park last weekend. So amazing there!
Kalaloch Lodge
Stayed at Kalaloch Lodge, which is pretty much right on the ocean.

And all night each night we heard a chorus of frogs in Kalaloch Creek.
Made a little recording; thought it'd be fun to mix in some photos from the nearby beach... Please enjoy!

Did a little hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest.
in the Hoh Rain Forest
Very interesting to see it in sunlight--quite different from our last visit!

in the Hoh Rain Forest

One difference Emily especially liked: banana slugs were out this time!
Yancy and slug
We also saw an elk, some deer, a few bald eagles, and even what we're pretty sure were a couple of seals! Slugs were by far the easiest to photograph, though...

Back at Kalaloch, there was no way we could pass up having a camp fire & eating dinner on the beach.
fire on the beach

dinner by the sea

Here's a map, if you'd like a clearer idea of where we were:

View 9th Anniversary in a larger map

Those two markers on the upper left are from our last day, when we drove up to Lake Ozette and then did the 9-mile loop over to the beach and back.
on the coast

Not the easiest beach for walking, but at least it looked okay...
And we got to the westernmost point in the contiguous US, so that's kind of cool.

Interesting boardwalk trails in the forest--pretty damp in there I guess...
near Lake Ozette

What's that? Oh, yes, we did see more banana slugs!
Emily w/banana slug

There are a few more pictures from the trip (more slug photos too!) in a set over on Flickr.

Well, I suppose I should finish grading. Cheers, reader.

09 June 2010

Thanks Emily!

It's been an amazing nine years. I know I've posted this before, but I just love this photo:

Happy Anniversary Emily!