in a perfect world of yancies: May 2012

29 May 2012

Cinema, Sun, and More

We just finished (sigh) a wonderful weekend. Began with a date night viewing of the excellent, not-quite-released movie Lola Versus at the Seattle International Film Festival:

Thanks again to our friends Bria and Michael for making sure Franklin was happy and peaceful that evening:
Safe and Sound on Date Night

Although we ducked out a little early to get back to him, we were able to enjoy part of the Q&A with the filmmakers:
Filmmaker Q&A after Lola Versus

On Saturday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the afternoon in Madison Valley and then at the Japanese Garden:
Franklin and Mom at the Japanese Garden

The Three of Us at the Japanese Garden

Franklin and Mom at the Japanese Garden 2

The Three of Us at the Japanese Garden 2
Thanks for the family photos, friendly strangers!

Sunday means farmers market, which means nice flowers and fresh foods:
Sunday Dinner

And Franklin continues to grow out of and into various clothes. Here are some recent favorites:
Not a Meat Eater

Trying on Some Jeans
Okay, in the mean time this is the last week of classes, so I'd better get going!
Cheers, reader.

17 May 2012

Three Months!

Amazing how quickly we got to this birthday!
Three Months!

And he's really growing—getting stronger, more social, and more charming every day.
Stretching After a Bath

Had a great time meeting his Grandma Christine.
Grandma Christine and Franklin

And showing her around town. Spent a beautiful afternoon in the U District:
Mom D and Mimi at UW

He really enjoys the bus, as you may have heard in my recent Letter to the Editor in the Seattle Times.

What's that? You'd like to see a copy of it here? Sure, why not? :)

He's also a gracious host, of course. Here he is entertaining Elliott and his dad Will:
Franklin Smiling at Elliott

Yancy, Franklin, Will, and Elliott 2
All right reader... I've got a class to teach and a birthday boy to hug. See you soon!

10 May 2012

Friendship, Courtesy, Life

Our first babysitter & our first date since Franklin arrived was a great success! A lot of that had to do with how much we enjoyed the movie that we saw, Monsieur Lazhar:

Don't believe me? Take a look at the New York Times Review.

And of course we didn't at all mind coming home to this handsome fellow:
Cutie in Booties
Thanks again to Marie, and to Franklin!

06 May 2012

Lookout for Franklin!

Had a blast taking Franklin on his first hike on Saturday.
First Hike!
Our friends John and Kascha and their son Alder joined us on the hike up to Heybrook Lookout.

The lookout tower itself was great, even though the views were largely obscured by some lingering clouds. And it turns out that a two or three mile hike is just about right when you're carrying a couple of infants :)

And in other news, this little guy is continuing his project of getting stronger and cuter every day: