in a perfect world of yancies: March 2008

30 March 2008


Darnell Jackson, with a well-earned piece of that net.

And what did it look like in Seattle?

Like this:

And this:

And this:

E before the game, working that haircut:

Oh, and the cherry trees are blooming too, so that's nice:

But more importantly,

29 March 2008

Are You Kidding?

Okay, first of all: snow? In Seattle? On 28 March? During my spring break?

If you say so.

And Rock Chalk!

Jayhawks "survive and advance," as they say.

Not the most exciting game, perhaps, but plenty of fun ally-oop dunks. They won't let me put video of the game here, but if you're interested in seeing some fun highlights, I'd recommend ESPN's highlight reel; the CBS reel is also pretty good.

27 March 2008

Whidbey Island!

Once we were assured that KU was safely in the Sweet 16, we had ourselves a short vacation last weekend on Whidbey Island.

I'm not saying we went because of it, but the Times did a write-up of some island attractions recently . . . (good photo slideshow there, by the bye).

Anyway, please enjoy some of our photos:

at Bowman Bay, just north of Whidbey

Was a little rainy the first day, but not too bad.

at Bowman Bay

We arrived from the north because we wanted to see Deception Pass bridge:

Maybe our pictures aren't the best, but it was pretty cool. The Visit Whidbey website has a few more, if you're into that kind of thing.



from bridge

There are some trails around the bridge, going up and down . . . we tried up, and except for a minor scrape (wet rocks, you know?), it was pretty fun.

hiking in the rain

trail got a little muddy at times

on Goose Rock (?)

on top of Goose Rock

Anyway, after a brief stop in Coupeville for fish and chips and an oyster burger (and a little basketball on tv) at Toby's, we were ready for the comfort of an inn. We stayed at the Inn at Langley, and we knew it was supposed to be pretty cool, but it was even better than we thought.

Emily on the balcony. Look: the sun was even out by then!

we also enjoyed a swanky shower/jacuzzi room

and a fireplace

and a view

and a cigar (just me on that one, I guess)

As you may be able to see in that last photo, the weather wasn't quite done being weird for the day.

balcony, post hail storm

Don't worry, though, sun was out all day the next day. Here's a parting shot of the Inn:

see our room? it's the one with the balcony . . .

Next day, we did some hiking in South Whidbey State Park.

we saw a 500 year-old ("ancient") cedar

check out Mimi's wingspan

E loves her new sweatshirt (it reads "Whidbey Island," of course) (for other examples of jersey popping, look here)

Emily and tree

rest of tree

Then it was time to go home

on the ferry back to the mainland: mountains!

on the boat

22 March 2008


Anyone notice the date on that last post? That's right:

Is that not the cutest card ever? Love that Emily.

Thanks for all the great gifts (got some good ties, coincidentally (or not)), nice cards, and well-wishes.

Um, so why not say anything more about that date? Well, I share that birthday, unfortunately.
Did you see the cover of the Times on Wednesday? Sheesh.

Oh, what the hell, here's a shot of it:

Happy birthday? No.

Nevertheless, thanks, all.

PS, (sorry for the non-sequitur) How about those Jayhawks? Rock Chalk!

19 March 2008

In Case You Didn't See This

You should.

History, right before your eyes.

PS, been a busy stretch. Will try to post more soon.

07 March 2008

Fare Thee Well

Sunday is the last episode of The Wire.

The Pogues, "The Body of An American"
[10:24pm: okay, hopefully this time the song will play. Cheers.]

Is it the best thing that's ever been on television? Some people think so (some politicians too).

I guess I haven't seen enough tv to say, but I don't think I've seen anything better. (Even if this last season hit a couple of wrong notes.) Hell of a show.

05 March 2008

How Walkable Are You, Reader?

Have you seen It's pretty cool, even if it is a tool for real estate agents. Assigns a walkability score for (almost) any address.

Want to guess ours?
Want to find out for yourself? Not sure I want to put my address up here, but there's a grocery store nearby (in walking distance, wink-wink), and it's address is 417 Broadway East, Seattle, 98102.

What else?
We had some drinks at a (slightly cheesy, mainly because of the band playing all those rock and roll covers, but not bad overall) bar downtown after KU's awesome win over K-State the other night.

My phone has no flash, so Jamie held up that candle. Not really sure why Melanie's hand is on Ryan's head like that. . . .

The next day we took a walk in the park. . . .

And we saw some ducks.

And a fish.

Cheers. Hope you're well. Me? Home sick, alas. The only upside, I guess, is that although I don't feel well enough to teach, I seem okay with blogging--at least so far.

Feel free to write lots of comments, oh you many quiet readers, and share your walkability score. Or your health status. Or . . .