in a perfect world of yancies: Classic Photos

02 December 2008

Classic Photos

Well, more photos have been promised, but in the meantime, how about some older shots for your viewing pleasure?

(Hope you made it out okay, Eric and Christy!)

That's Magen on the left and Emily on the right

And here's a Hughes family thanksgiving from way back:

Grandpa Larry, Thelma, Fran, and Dave

Thanks to Scott Hughes for sending those pics!

And so well we made some turkey curry--


Thought I'd close with an unrelated look at day-to-day life around here.

Your typical morning involves a little NPR, a little snooze alarm, some coffee making (we're strictly a stove-top espresso household, just to be clear), and then Emily goes to catch a bus.

After paging through some newspapers I get dressed . . .

and then I send the inevitable email. "Will this tie work with this shirt?"

Then I pack the laptop, make a sandwich and hope my clothes look good to someone besides myself . . .


  1. #1 - That tie looks FABULOUS with that shirt! Love it.

    #2 - who is getting that morning email?

    #3 - I will have to discuss this stove-top espresso thing with you someday. Sounds very interesting & easier than my contraption (there's that whole thing with drawers falling out & what-not)


    BTW - we got a foot of snow yesterday. Do you have plans for Christmas? I'm thinking sledding

  2. 1) Thanks!

    2) Girl who got me the tie also gets the emails . . .

    3) Stove-top espresso is the bomb. Easy, tasty, and fun!

    And sledding sounds awesome, but I'm too scared about the passes, so we probably won't get to MT until spring. (Guess you'll probably still have snow, Marisa, so maybe sledding will work after all.)

    Chicago's our xmas destination: just as cold and snowy as Montana, but fewer hills (or none, to be exact) to worry about.

  3. Hey,
    If you swing through Springfield make sure and let us know, we may have a New Years Eve party.

  4. Party, you say? I like the sound of that.

    Alas, as I meant to say here instead of above, it doesn't look like we'll be getting that far south . . .

    Guess you'll just have to come out to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.