in a perfect world of yancies: October 2012

30 October 2012

Friendly Faces

Looking for a break from the harrowing storm stories from the east coast? How about a roundup of recent pictures of Franklin?

Brunch a few days ago with Wendy and Roman:
Brunch with Wendy and Roman

Brunch with Wendy

And coffee with Jen:
Franklin likes Jen's Purse
Well, we had coffee; Franklin seemed more interested in the zipper on Jen's purse :)

Smiles at Victrola

At long last, Franklin tried Thai food:
Thai Food!
I think he may have preferred Emily's Pad Se Ew to my extra spicy curry, but we were impressed that he ate a few good bites of each. And he really seemed to enjoy the chopsticks!

Finally, Clementine was in town & stopped by so that Franklin could meet Tessa:
Franklin Meets Tessa

Franklin and Tessa
Thanks everyone for the photos and the fun!

20 October 2012

A Full Recovery

Franklin is just getting over his first cold. Definitely seemed more stressful for us than him :) I mean, he hardly seems to mind at all; take a look:
Hanging Out at the Cafe
Enjoying (though mostly watching) the Cuban sandwich at Scratch Deli. (Thanks for the photo, Pete!)

I mean, can you even tell that just a couple days ago he sounded like this during a nap?

And of course his cold didn't keep him from charming more of the residents at St. Joseph Residence. Here he is with another classmate, Amelia:
Amelia and Franklin on a Visit

Thankfully he's also still pretty talkative at home too; didn't even sound congested this morning:

All right reader, talk to you soon. Meanwhile we're working on cooking dinner at home five out of the last seven nights! Maybe I'll mention a few new favorite recipes next time...

15 October 2012

Falling for Franklin

Love this time of year! Nice and cool outside; great smells; amazing colors.
Fall at the Japanese Garden
Really the perfect time to visit the Seattle Japanese Garden. Thanks to Jeff, Jenn, and the adorable Tyler for hanging out with us there—and for getting this picture!

I even managed to take a good one myself (with help, of course, from the terrific subjects):
Fall Foliage at the Japanese Garden

And a great time of year to curl up with a good friend and a good book:

Speaking of, I've also been lucky enough this fall to be involved in two different reading groups.

First, the SU Faculty Ancient Greek Reading Group is back on its feet! (And maybe if I put the name in capital letters we'll keep going even with only three members?)

This year we're reading Xenophon's Anabasis.

It's supposedly an easy read, often used in 2nd-year Greek classes... but hopefully that will mean we can go at a fun clip.

And second, my friend Pete has started a book club. First meeting was pretty fun: insightful comments, funny reviews, and pizza! :)

We're starting with Cloud Atlas, and if we stay on pace we should be done just in time for the upcoming movie:

Finally, fall means school pictures! We're still waiting for the photographer's prints, but here are some backstage shots I took:
School Photo Shoot

Class Photo Shoot
Best wishes for a glorious fall, reader.

10 October 2012

The Aunts Go Marching: Hurrah!

What better way to spend a weekend than introducing Franklin to one more aunt? And Merrica's timing was perfect: we enjoyed some beautiful fall weather. Picnic weather even!
Lunch Under Heybrook Lookout
As you probably remember, our previous hike to Heybrook Lookout was great, except for clouds obscuring the view from the top.

But not this time! After some snacks at the above table (at the end of the trail), we ascended the lookout to, as they say, see what we could see:
From Heybrook Lookout
Not bad at all! (Thanks for the photos, Merrica!)

We also took Merrica out for some ramen... Franklin seemed to like it too:
Franklin Tries Ramen
Love that noodle hanging out of his mouth... which he swallowed moments after the pic was snapped :)

Speaking of eating, how about the swanky bib his aunt brought him?
Official Bib of the US State Department

Come back soon!
Aunt Merrica!

Bonus content: because the little guy's growing and changing so much, I might just post these now before they're old news...

So, first, Franklin and Theo on their way to visit some of the elderly residents at the Mount St. Vincent Intergenerational Learning Center:
Franklin and Theo Going on a Visit

And boy is this kid ready to crawl!

Okay, I should probably run—better get back to babyproofing!

03 October 2012

Local Fun

I have no idea what I did with my time before Franklin came around, or how I managed to teach while keeping up on chores, etc.... Now I've barely got time to blog! Sheesh!

In any case, here's a cute shirt from our KU friend Dan:
Produced Locally

And here we are enjoying local sights (within an hour is local, right?) on the way to Twin Falls:
Ollalie State Park

Finally, I saw this on someone's Facebook feed. Wild:

Okay, more soon, I hope!