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17 May 2015

Spring Training

Beautiful spring weather lately; great time for getting outside.

In town, Franklin has been enjoying t-ball lately:

Alas, I'm in class during his practices, but thankfully Emily's been great about photos and videos:

Baseball practice!

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Tagging out at 1st

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Yesterday, we extended our outside fun to include a hike to Barclay Lake. About four miles round trip, and Franklin must have hiked nearly half of it. Few things make me happier than watching him walk eagerly down a trail :)


Found a pretty nice lunch spot at the lake too:

Hey, not to get too distracted, but do you like having a planet with stuff like this? Are you worried that all the money spent on fossil fuels might not be such a great investment? Me too! I didn't have a lot to do with the letter they're asking about, but I was happy to be interviewed on the subject for the Seattle U student paper: take a look, and let me know what you think.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right—lunch by the lake!

Okay, we're off down the trail...
Until next time, reader.

24 April 2015

This Is What We Did

Too much fun for one family: that's how it feels sometimes!

As you may know, Washington's National Park Fund called and interviewed Emily recently about our experience monitoring marmots in Olympic National Park.

But did you know they also made a video? Take a look:

WNPF Celebrates Volunteers from Clatter&Din on Vimeo.

See what happens there around 2:35? Oh yeah, it's Franklin! (And us of course.) Woo!

Less important to the future health of planet, but equally fun: blue raspberry lollipop after a haircut:

Yummy Sunday! #barbershoptreat

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Surprising amount of fun representing the Philosophy Department at a recent open house for accepted students who are considering attending Seattle U. Fun mostly because of the super helpful and enthusiastic philosophy majors who helped out:

Back again, this time with industrious students to help! #ilovemyjobagain #welcometophilosophy

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Speaking of philosophy, Peter Singer has to be the most popular one in the US, no? I mean, this event packed a whole movie theater!

Couldn't resist the photo and signed book:


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What else? Oh, have you seen the movie Microcosmos? Franklin highly recommends it:
I mean, it distracted him from wanting to watch sports!!


All right, I have work to do. Okay okay, one more from playing in the gym at the Y during Emily's yoga class:

Sigh. I'm tired.


05 April 2015

Play Ball!
... Or, I Love You Too, But Spring Is Here

So much fun with so many sports with Franklin. He's pretty committed to seasons lately, and spring is for soccer and baseball:
He also told me that he wants to go to Wrigley Field and see a Cubs baseball game. So... Grandpa Ray? Aunt Merrica?

Speaking of spring (the title of this post is one of his inexplicable but hilarious recent sayings), some delicious spring dining:

And tulips from last week's outing:

Last week's outing being the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We went in 2012; fun to return, and to see the fields in the sun!

Still nice and muddy though:







Long, full day:

Back at home, Franklin has really been enjoying watching 20-minute bits of Sweetgrass, one of my very favorite movies:

I mentioned it here back when we first saw it; such a great movie!

Also had some fun playing soccer, baseball, and a little frisbee with Jen at the beach last weekend:



And of course, as you may have heard, we attended our first Sounders game:

Pretty fun time.

And they won! And it was because of a beautiful 360-spin-move goal. Take a look:



All right, that's more or less it. (I really need to post more often and shorten these up, huh?)

Oh, a little fun today on Instagram, which Emily and I recently decided to look into after hearing how much Magen enjoys it:

#marchmadness in April

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No Jayhawk gear in that basketball clip, shockingly, but here's Franklin's current favorite ad:

Over and over lately he's been saying, "Rock Chalk, baby!" :)

All right, a little more Instagram:

Lamb chops

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And that's it. Cheers, reader! Hope you're having a wonderful spring!

Happy day all!

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28 March 2015

Hungry for Talking

Lots to say, but first how about a quiet moment of anticipation with Franklin and Beckham:
Checking out the big boys
Watching West Seattle High School baseball practice. (Thanks to B's mom for the great photo!)

Meanwhile, just a little recap. Franklin likes my Plato mug (best gift from a student ever!), and the other day asked about Plato's books.
I started reading the beginning of the Republic. He was surprisingly patient (and kept asking for more), and asked some great questions, like what is wealth, and eventually "what does justice mean"?

Maybe my favorite though was when he didn't understand what Socrates meant when he said he had an appetite for conversation. I tried explaining that it meant something like being hungry for conversation, which Franklin found hilarious—kept repeating the phrase and giggling all morning :)

And as for hungry, how about these nascent chopsticks skills!

Oh but speaking of Plato, less giggly scene at the International Plato Society meeting in Atlanta. Great experience though.

I have been working on book 10 of Plato's Laws lately, and gave a paper about that. I won't go into the details now (but maybe I'll post the handout at some point...), but I do want to share one of my favorite quotes, which mostly made it into my paper.

Laws 10 is all about what to do with troublesome atheists, deists, and folks who believe gods can be bribed or bought off. Anyway, there's a great bit in response to the idea that gods don't care about us:

ὧν ἓν καὶ τὸ σόν, ὦ σχέτλιε, μόριον εἰς τὸ πᾶν συντείνει βλέπον ἀεί, καίπερ πάνσμικρον ὄν, σὲ δὲ λέληθεν περὶ τοῦτο αὐτὸ ὡς γένεσις ἕνεκα ἐκείνου γίγνεται πᾶσα, ὅπως ᾖ τῷ τοῦ παντὸς βίῳ ὑπάρχουσα εὐδαίμων οὐσία, οὐχ ἕνεκα σοῦ γιγνομένη, σὺ δ’ ἕνεκα ἐκείνου

Now then, you stubborn fellow, one part of the universe is you—a mere speck that nevertheless constantly contributes to the good of the whole; but you have forgotten that nothing is created except to provide the entire universe with a happy life. You forget that creation is not for your benefit: you exist for the sake of the universe (903c)

Very charming, no? I can't help but also add this bit on the punishment that people like me would face if they ever moved to the city described in the Laws:

Consider first a complete atheist: he may have a naturally just character and be the sort of person who hates scoundrels, and because of his loathing of injustice is not tempted to commit it; he may flee the unjust and feel fondness for the just. Alternatively, besides believing that all things are ‘empty of’ gods, he may be a prey to an uncontrollable urge to experience pleasure and avoid pain, and he may have a retentive memory and be capable of shrewd insights. Both these people suffer from a common failing, atheism, but in terms of the harm they do to others the former is much less dangerous than the latter....

The dissembling atheist deserves to die for his sins not just once or twice but many times, whereas the other kind needs simply admonition combined with incarceration

I mean, um, that seems fair, right? ;)

What else? Had some fun with the end (alas) of basketball season:

Getting pretty good at the alma mater too:

Thanks for the photo, Wendy!

As of now the big question seems to be, will Franklin ever wear another shirt, and if so, when?

And thanks to Emily for getting me one to wear with him!

Okay, I can't resist one more Plato thing. Just saw this in the latest issue of Phronesis, a leading journal for Ancient Philosophy:
Screenshot 2015-03-27 20.34.11
Check out note 14! Woo!

And if you want to read (or maybe re-read?) Dominick 2010, I've posted it online.

Other big news (bigger than a footnote? maybe...) is my new role as Associate Director (!) of the Seattle U Core Honors program, but maybe I'll wait and say more once I've actually started.