in a perfect world of yancies: December 2006

27 December 2006

cheers, patient reader

What better surprise after a busy December than homemade eggnog! Delicious. And made with freshly grated whole nutmeg! Mmm. Recipe here.

Maybe some homemade slippers to go with it? Mmm.


Braxton enjoying a homemade remote-controlled gift (okay, not homemade; whatever).

Dave, Braxton, Magen, Amelia, Dave, Fran, Emily, Yancy

Mimi with Amelia.

Amelia, one more time.

Mimi with Braxton

How about homemade marshmallows?

Okay, fine: Braxton with his new sister Amelia:

Happy New Year!

PS, On a completely unrelated note, Tom Waits released a new album last month, and this adaptation of a Bukowski poem (now playing) is, for my money, beautiful. Please enjoy.

06 December 2006

well done, all

Congrats to Magen and Dave, and welcome to our new niece, Amelia Frances Iwanski:

Her "stats" can be viewed on the hospital's website.

And, congratulations to Emily (or Mimi, if you prefer): she was just offered to have her hours raised from 10 a week to 37 a week, and they're raising her hourly wage as well. Nicely done.

Lastly, congratulations to me, for taking this fabulous picture of Dave, Diana, and Emily in Chicago recently: