in a perfect world of yancies: December 2009

23 December 2009

Happy Holidays!

We're off to Illinois tomorrow morning--hope the weather holds out!

Meanwhile the Senate is set for a landmark vote on what might be the most important piece of progressive legislation in like 40 years... A perfect present for me: to land in Chicago and hear that the health care reform bill passes!

18 December 2009

Holiday Wildlife

Saw the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker last week.
Yancy and mouse
With sets designed by Maurice Sendak. Wild!

Cute little stage in the lobby, perfect for photos:
Emily on (mini) stage

I guess Trophy Cupcakes is relatively tame, but still cute, no?

And at home, the cute hippo from Merrica gets pride of place under the tree:
Xmas Hippo


Sorry for the long break, reader. Hope to see you again soon!