in a perfect world of yancies: November 2007

30 November 2007

Who Couldn't Love These Faces?

Emily's got her scanner working at her office, and I just can't resist posting this great old photo.

King, Mike, and Yancy (circa, what, like 1995?)

27 November 2007

Thanksgiving in Montana

Taken on Snoqualmie Pass, on our way out of Seattle

A long drive, but worth it. We had turkey at Marisa and Ryan's; had drinks with Chet (and his brother and sister); met up with people I'd not seen in many years; went sledding at 3am (well, Mimi and Marisa did, at least) watched football (f**k Mizzou) with Mike; hung out at Merrica's cool new apartment. . . . So much fun I forgot to take very many pictures, but I did get a few: please enjoy.

The Christensen's handsome decorative turkey

Now that's a big remote control

Mimi readying one of the two turkeys

How pass the time while the turkeys cook? Well, we could ask Maraya to show us some of what she's learned in Karate class . . .

Family sitting down to dinner

Thanks, Marisa and Ryan!

Marisa and Ryan's road

How much has Helena changed since I lived there? This much

Taken by Emily Donahoe: her apartment building. Was cool (if perhaps a bit weird) to see her again after like 15 years. She's doing well--does, among other things, most everything for Your Time, which is put out by the Independent Record. . . .

Emily's new dog Abra (also her picture)

Yancy & Emily, taken by Emily

Well, I tried to get a good photo of Emily with my phone, and I feel like I came close with this one . . .

Later, back at Marisa and Ryan's:

Um, yes, Ryan is wearing Mimi's new boots . . . um, no, they didn't really fit . . .

Finally, how Montana is this? (Taken on the highway outside of Helena when we were on our way home)

21 November 2007

M.I.A. is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.; and Some Cute Stuff

We saw M.I.A. last Friday, and although the set was a bit off-kilter at times, she was just awesome. Here are some blurry phone photos:

Want to impress me? Who is she sampling on the Now Playing track?

She brought the fans onstage. (Us? No, no . . .)

And she climbed the scaffolding . . . good stuff.

Want better photos? Try The Stranger's post.

And here are some cute things:

Cute "mini" breakfast from B&O

I have a cubicle instead of an office, and, like many other people, I'm not in a tenure-track spot, but at least I got this nice cup, right?

Finally, thanks for the comment, Pravina! I too am a huge fan of those legs.

12 November 2007

Smell, What Smell? And 1899!!

I could see a case made for you not wanting to know this, reader, but it's been about ten years, give or take, since I last wore any deodorant or antiperspirant. It just doesn't seem necessary, and I think it's kind of gross.

Anyway, there was a story in last week's Times about why I'm right and you're wrong. So there.

A quote from the article:
"For the average person, if you just wash once or twice a day, excessive smell and excessive sweat shouldn’t be an issue,” said . . . a dermatologist in private practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. “Often times people are surprised by how little they are bothered when they don’t use anything."

Glad that's settled.

Moving on,
It's now the best Kansas football season since 1899. 1899!

Mimi celebrating after the win over Oklahoma State.

Part of the huge crowd of KU fans we watched with.

Rock Chalk!

Finally, instead of flowers, this week it's doughnuts from Top Pot:

08 November 2007

Fall Colors

Thought I'd take a moment to celebrate some of the colors we're enjoying this season.

First, isn't this a lovely wreath? (Yes, those are chili peppers; yes, they're pretty damn spicy. The kitchen, though, smells wonderful these days . . .)

Next, hard as it may be to believe, is football. Kansas football is having its best year since 1908. 1908! They're currently ranked in the top five in every poll. They're even in National Championship conversations! ??!!??

Might as well enjoy it, right? Here's a photo taken at the Spitfire, the bar recommended by the Seattle chapter of the KU alumni association. In the picture: Colleen, Yancy, Dana, Emily, Jamie (or is it James now?).

Colleen and Dana also heard about the place through the alumni association--Colleen is a KU grad, and Dana is from Nebraska, so they came to watch the KU-Nebraska game. After the score got out of hand, Dana decided she should be photographed surrounded by victorious KU fans.

Out of hand? Yes. It was only the second time in 39 years that Kansas beat Nebraska, but they tried to make up for some of that disparity: the final score was KU 76, NU 39.

Jamie, by the way, is a friend from Lawrence who recently moved out here to do sports on TV for the local ABC affiliate, KOMO-TV. Been great for us having someone else to wear the blue with. And he's lived here a little longer than us, so has great restaurant advice. Took us to a great sushi place, in fact, called Umi Sake House, where they even had Merrica's favorite, sesame ice cream. Mmm.

Finally, I'm sure you're dying to know what Braxton wore for Halloween:

Great costume, no? Read more about Duff Beer on Wikipedia.

02 November 2007

My Favorite Conscientious Liberal: Live!

Well, last night was pretty damn cool. Emily took me to Town Hall, in downtown Seattle, to hear Paul Krugman, professor of economics at Princeton and my favorite, favorite Op-ed writer for the Times.

He even signed some books

Was the speech upsetting? Well, how would you like finding out that under Eisenhower the wealthiest were taxed at a rate of 91%, whereas now it's like 30? Eisenhower!

He did, however, end in a very optimistic mood because of the current political climate, which actually (and I think I might even agree on this) looks hopeful for the first time in a long, long while . . .

Paul Krugman speaking. It was great; and I finally have confirmation that it is indeed pronounced "Kroogman" . . .

The signed copy. He thought the name "Merrica" was unusual, but then said something like "it's a nice name; I'm surprised we don't do that more often" (!)

Thanks, Mimi!

Also, thanks to Keisuke, who recently sent some of his photos from Texas. Enjoy.