in a perfect world of yancies: September 2010

28 September 2010

September Highlights

Let's see... the Seattle U library renovation is finally finished. There are many lovely features and lots of natural lighting. Pretty good slideshow from the SU student paper.

But one thing I especially like is the way the old exterior wall is now an interior wall separating the old & new wings:

And Portland was fun. Not only did Emily set up an exhibit & Yancy give a paper, but we also got together with some old friends. Including Emily Greene:
Emily Greene & Yancy

We also finally met the fabulous Willa:
Ismail, Kari, and Willa

While I was at my conference, Emily explored some of the historic Sisters of Providence sites in the area, including Providence Academy:
Providence Academy

It's no longer owned by the Sisters. See if you can find evidence of that in the next photo:
El Presidente
Still a great-looking campus though, no?

All right, I need to go to class, but here's one more thing that I like quite a bit:

Hmm: that doesn't seem to play on my computer at work. Here's a link just in case:

22 September 2010

Happy Fall!

It just so happens that my first class meets on the first day of autumn... which is tomorrow. So I'm kind of busy.

But until I have time to do a proper post, please enjoy this seasonal photo Emily took at a farmers market in Portland:
Looks great!

13 September 2010

I Have a Meeting to Get To

But here are some things I meant to post:

Magen, Emily, Braxton, and Amelia working on a lemon icebox pie:
Lemon Cake!

And Emily, enjoying life in late summer, when the Dahlias bloom:
Dahlia Garden

Anyway, I have to run—there's a beginning of the school-year convocation starting soon... at least it's in the Century Ballroom, and they're serving breakfast.

Sorry I've been away for so long, reader. Since we've been back from our great trip to Chicago I've been madly trying to prepare for school, along with this thing coming up in Portland:

And then of course this other thing in New York...

Okay, so, I should go. More soon, I hope!