in a perfect world of yancies: August 2009

27 August 2009

Well, That's Just Cool

Heard about this video on Facebook and Twitter; thought you might like to see it too, reader:

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew on Vimeo.

24 August 2009

Burgers, Cushions, and Pads

Ever had a $15 hamburger? We hadn't either, so we went up to Lunchbox Laboratory recently.
at Lunchbox Laboratory
Lots of burger, tasty bun, toppings galore (the bacon on mine was almost as thick as the burger, for better or worse; definitely liked the jalapeño mayo, though); and fun sides like sweet potato fries with bacon salt, or tater tots with, well, just about any flavor you could imagine (rosemary? yes) combined with salt.

Worth $15? Well, I don't know, but we had a nice time. Here's Roman & his burger with what I believe is a blue cheese:
at Lunchbox Laboratory

In domestic news (?), we replaced our couch cushions with something a bit brighter:
new cushions
Hope you like them, reader!

And speaking of cushioning, Emily got some pads and wrist-guards so that she can roller skate with confidence on the, um, basketball courts of our neighborhood:
Okay, I guess the basketball court was just a practice thing, but isn't it a super cute look?

Bonus material:
Not sure if you saw it in the Twitter feed, but my review of a new book on Plato is live over on the Bryn Mawr site:

And I bought a hat:
can I pull off a hat?

Well, cheers, reader. Here's to a great week!

21 August 2009

Big Fun in Texas

Yancy, Rodrigo, Johnny
Had a great time in Texas last week. Emily enjoyed some very good sessions at the very huge Society of American Archivists conference, and I did a little writing and a lot of catching up with Rodrigo & Nora.

It's an amazing experience, seeing old friends. So rare (and wonderful) to sit down with someone and just immediately feel comfortable, get along, have plenty to talk about...
and even though I hadn't seen Rodrigo in like two years, there we were listening to the same bands, wearing the same Levi's jeans (?), and sharing the same hatred of high-fructose corn syrup.

Affinity, if that's the word, is something I need to remember to value, since it sure is cool.

Anyway, we continue to enjoy Austin, though it's pretty toasty in the summer...
Barton Springs view
Luckily, we were able to relax one afternoon at Barton Springs. The above is a cool picture (Emily's), but of course doesn't show you the springs themselves.

It's a lake, but converted into a giant city park, and surrounded with swimming pool-like sides (stairs & ladders to get in; diving boards; concrete), and it's always a comfy 68 degrees... Awesome.

Also had some cocktails at the historic (but air-conditioned!) Driskill Hotel.
At the Driskill

That was right after seeing (500) Days of Summer at what Emily called "the coolest movie theater I've ever seen," the Alamo Drafthouse. Good food, good beer, great movies, even cool trailers and short films that play before the main show starts. (Oh, yeah, the movie was cool too!)

And our flight home was late enough that Emily had a chance to try out the scooter Rodrigo's been riding this summer:

Can you believe I almost didn't go?

So glad I changed my mind!

12 August 2009

Gotta Go

But before we leave for Texas, here are some photo highlights from last month:

In reverse order, I'll start with some MO shots.

Talking with Emily's uncle Larry

Group photo

(these were taken by Emily's uncle Scott)

(he's pretty good with a camera)

And from Montana, where we made paving stones in Bigfork:
E with cement

Emily made a star

I made a bike
(thanks for the help, E!)

We met Chet for a drink at a bar called the Rhino...
Chet, Yancy, Rhino

And he had dinner with us and Gina and Eponine
Chet, Gina, Eponine
Eponine also painted his nails, so that's nice

Chet is awfully patient
He sure is patient...

Had to stop for water on MacDonald Pass
fresh water

So tasty, and so cold!
so cold!

Alas, many trees have been hit by beetles.
beetle blight
But on the upside, it's a striking look, no?

Okay, I have a plane to catch.


06 August 2009

Stay Tuned!

Sorry for the recent delays, but a) I really need to write this paper on Plato, and b) I need Emily's help going through all our recent photos... Hopefully in the next day or two?

In the meantime, here's a brief teaser:

Scotch for Larry Hughes

And we saw Eric:

Okay, more soon! Thanks for your patience!