in a perfect world of yancies: End of the Season Fun

24 November 2008

End of the Season Fun

Made it to the last farmers market of the year. Quite a haul:

If you want a tiny bit more on that, you could try my post.

All the old favorites were there, like the people with all those amazing peppers and dried beans (sorry I'm blanking on the name!), the Olsen's with their awesome beef, lamb, and potatoes, and the friendly people from Willie Green's Organic Farm, who both remarked on my sunglasses and offer consistently delicious carrots, spinach, squash, and more.

Also got ourselves a turkey (come on by if you're around, there's sure to be plenty of leftovers!) from Stokesberry Sustainable Farms. If you'd like to learn more about them, try this nice story from the Olympian.

Other thing coming to an end soon is the Fall Quarter at SU.
Had the chance to take my students to the Seattle Asian Art Museum. As I said on another blog, we went "for one of their tours, called 'Discovering Buddhist Art: Seeking the Sublime.' It was pretty damn cool. (I think even my hipster freshmen enjoyed it.)

Docent named Kevin did a great job of explaining some of the more interesting pieces (1,000 arms on that Bodhisattva!?), the historical background, and the religious and philosophical significance of some of the great pieces there."

You know who else mentioned that museum recently? That's right, the Times.

Photo: Stuart Isett for The New York Times

Did a whole piece on Seattle in the travel section. Try and see how many places we got to first!

Speaking of the Times, do you find yourself relying more and more on google? Their email, their calendar, maps (hey, isn't blogger owned by google?), and now video chat? So do I, and so does David Carr--only he's able to make talking about it sound way more interesting . . .

All right, reader. Back to work. Have a great Monday!


  1. Looks and sounds great!

  2. Do you know something I don't know? I rely on Yahoo! usually...


  3. I'm not sure I know much, M, but at some point (around '05, I think) google started offering me things that I now can't seem to live without . . .

    As I type I've got Gmail open in one tab, a google spreadsheet with our bank info in another, blogger, a calendar program running on the computer which chimes every so often to remind me of something (first thing this morning: "Thanksgiving break"), and all the while I'm chatting with Emily using google talk. Is it scary? Maybe it is, but I'm in too deep to stop now . . .

    Thanks for the comments! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Maybe I ought to look more into google. I finally started to browse craiglist. I hear it's the new black. :o)


  5. Fashion's definitely not my area, but we did find our apartment on craigslist, so that's a mark in their favor . . .