in a perfect world of yancies: VOTE

04 November 2008


Please vote. Please vote.

I'm an emotional wreck, reader. His grandmother; his candidacy; his vision. I can hardly contain my excitement, enthusiasm, fear, and hope. Hope.

As far as I can tell, I've mentioned this video only once, and that was a while ago. You should watch it one more time, though, even if you've seen it before:

I love you, and I thank you for reading, and I do so hope that if you haven't already done so you will join me in reaching for the best in these United States by voting for Barack Obama.


  1. I woke up at 3am, 4am, 5am and finally at 6am...I am so very excited (and nervous - I have that butterfly feeling in my stomach) I will be headed to vote in a few minutes!! I couldn't sleep last night, and I couldn't wait to be back to the internet so I could see how things are going. :o)


  2. Me too! I must have woken up like 5 times during the night!

    One reassuring thing we discovered last night: both of our ballots have been received by the King County elections office. How cool is the Internet?

    Speaking of, the Times has this neat graphic going showing the most popular words that readers are using to describe their mood today. Currently on top?

    "Anxious" and "hopeful."

  3. OOOOOOOOOH Those are all really good words. YAY. Maraya & I just voted. I am so giddy I can barely contain how to I reward myself? I get a triple mocha. Like that's going to settle me down!


  4. This is THE most exciting and nerve racking election I have seen since I first voted fro president (Kennedy). That was another I'll never forget.

  5. From Chris Lee:
    Here's one report from Maryland ...

    My polling place is at the fairgrounds in Southern Maryland, about 40 minutes from Washington, D.C. This used to be tobacco country, but is slowly being developed, or other crops are grown. We waited until 10:00 to vote, to avoid the lines. When we got there a 97-year-old Black man was being wheeled out of the polls in his wheelchair. It was the first time he had ever voted in his life. When he came outside he asked if anyone could give him an Obama button. There were none left at the Democrat's booth so I gave him mine. He was so proud and I started crying. He looked at me and said, "why are you crying? this is a day for glory." I am still crying.

    Polls start closing in the big places (VA, especially) at 7 eastern! Just a couple of hours to go!

    (My poor students! How will I concentrate in class?!)

  6. Oooh. Some results are already coming in!

    Obama's up 32-16 in New Hampshire, according to the Times' map!

  7. I'm posting this straight onto my facebook page (^_^)

  8. just saw Iowa go blue, and we're up in Virginia! Woo!