in a perfect world of yancies: Good Neighbors, Good Friends, and Great News

18 November 2008

Good Neighbors, Good Friends, and Great News

Can I just say that I absolutely love the fact that this is what our neighborhood looked like on Saturday?

What are all those people doing marching down the street around the corner from our place? They were part of nationwide protests against California's passage of that lame Proposition 8.

Wow. How many in Seattle? they estimate 6,000. They marched from Volunteer Park (near here--you know, where the conservatory is, and that water tower . . .) to downtown. Were expecting around 500 people. Just wow.

Stranger's got good coverage. King 5 TV station did a nice piece too.

Love this city.

Alas, we were unable to attend. Ran into (is that the right word for bumping into someone online?) a friend from college recently, who I hadn't seen since like '97. So we spent our Saturday catching up with her, and celebrating her brother's recent marriage.


(No photos of Paleka, her brother. But he brews tasty beer, I assure you.)

What else? Oh, did a small pub crawl with some KU folk. Turns out they're fun to hang with even when there's no sports on TV!

Dave, who put together the Seattle Jayhawk pub crawl

Finally, I finally heard back about that paper on Plato's divided line and cave images:
It will be published in the Journal of the History of Philosophy!!!

Not for nothing, but they told me that their acceptance rate for the year was 5%. Five percent!

(Okay, sorry, I'm just about over myself. Oh, all right, one more time: 5%!)


  1. CONGRATS on getting the paper published!!! What issue?

  2. Thanks!

    Could be a while--I need to do a bit of formatting, and then they'll send galleys . . . but hopefully it'll be out in the next few months.

    Once I read through the copyright info more carefully, I'll probably offer copies to you, dear reader, if you're interested.

  3. What's that? Submission statistics? Well, okay, but I hate to seem like I'm dwelling on this . . .

  4. #1 - Seattle is a VERY cool place to live!
    #2 - Did you say 5%?!?!? WOW! That's so great!
    #3 - Off topic, but it was 72 degrees here November!


  5. How very impressive!!! And how very proud I am of you!!!
    Love, Mom X :) X

  6. Thanks!

    72 in November? That's kind of scary. So much for my mental image of your house being buried in snow from October through April . . .

  7. Nah, we're buried in snow from December until June now! :o)

    I'll be calling you for the next sledding party