in a perfect world of yancies: September 2005

25 September 2005

A Guest Blog by Emily

Yancy has invited me to post a guest blog spot. So, I thought that I would share a few photos of my still new job for all who have only ever heard about that place called Unity. Here goes:

Here is one of several limestone markers that sit on the outskirts of the municipality of Unity village. Notice the signature "Unity wings" on the upper portion of the post.

The Unity Tower is one of the more noticeable sections of the Unity Village campus -- you can see it from miles around and it is lit up around the holidays. The coolest thing about the tower is that it conceals a 10,000 gallon water tank that is located near the top half of the building. The rest of the floors were used as administrative offices among other things, but, for the time being, it is empty (aside from all that water).

This is the exterior of the building where I work. It, along with the tower, was completed in 1929 (these were the first two buildings in the village). This building was originally used for the Silent Unity offices (this is a little too complicated to go into, so I'll just leave it at that). Now it houses the Unity Institute offices and classrooms, the library, the archives, and the Fillmore Chapel.

This is where I work -- I sit at this desk ready to serve whoever comes into the archives. The rest of what is visible here is the public space of the archives: the reading room/research area.

Here is another view of my desk. In the background you can see where Charles and Myrtle Fillmore's offices were. Charles and Myrtle were the co-founders of Unity.

This is a pretty bad picture of an exhibit that the Archivist (Eric) and I worked on. The exhibit is called "What We Collect" showcases some of the variety of what we have in the archves.

19 September 2005

a last weekend with the dopfelganger

well, with fall in the air & a keg of beer on the porch at Professor Marquis' place, Aaron couldn't help but spend one last weekend in Lawrence before leaving for Germany

although we took Friday night off (for which, feel free to check out Aaron's blog), we met up with all of the philosophy crew for the annual fall wine-inside-beer-and-cigarettes-outside-please-not-the-piano-meet-the-new-grad-students gathering, which kept the two of us & Aaron occupied for a surprisingly long time--until Deron & Haley demanded our loving attention . . . so we met them at the Pig

Aaron and myself outside the Pig, courtesy of Deron's phone

Deron and Aaron, this one from my phone

the one scene worth of a real camera: Dusan helping me relax a bit
(thanks to Aaron for the photo)

so, we ended the night with a 4am game of trivial pursuit at Scott's, though I'm pretty sure no one won . . .

in any case, all the best to Aaron!

13 September 2005

dancing Dusan avi

if anyone can't see the dancing Dusan video, here's a link to an AVI version of the clip
enjoy (Iwanski's, this is for you! ps, Magen, we're looking forward to the day in the life post!):
click here to watch Dusan dance

12 September 2005

Braxton crawling--exclusive footage!

I just got my hands on this great video of our little nephew Braxton . . . good stuff--worth the wait


not a whole lot of news here . . . we saw Blackalicious put on an amazing show Friday night--that mc, Gift of Gab, is incredible . . .

08 September 2005

a quick note

okay, I've not much time today, so only want to mention two or three quick things
1--the daily show coverage of the aftermath of that hurricane has been great, & I think it's worth while to check it out, if you haven't seen it: just click on daily show & that should take you to the 'recent video' page.

2--both my sister, Merrica, and Mimi's sister, Magen, have updated their blogs of late, so if you like people with cute babies or people who make fun of other people's food, you might look into those; also, Aaron's write-up about our friend Jesse is pretty funny . . . so, links to all those are on the right . . .

3--—speaking of links, I talked the department secretary/webmaster, Cindi to put my name & a link to my website up on the department faculty/staff page, which is kind of fun . . . to see that, click on KU Philosophy faculty/staff


04 September 2005

a website

well, I finally have put together a decent website on the KU server . . . though right now it's still pretty basic . . . but something to point prospective employers too, at least . . .

to check it out, click on my website, here or in the links list

and video too!

well, this video of Dusan at the Pig really trumps everything else I've got

but we did have some fun downtown again--here's a couple of shots

Mimi, Scott, Dusan, Deron, Haley, and Aaron at Louise's

Yancy, Matt, and Aaron
notice Yancy's Waseda shirt--bought at the bookstore of Waseda U., in Tokyo, when we visited Merrica there . . . anyway, a Japanese girl at the Pig saw it & said excitedly that she went to Waseda; so that's cool

03 September 2005

a small accomplishment

okay, I think I've managed to create a website on the KU server, so I can do things like post my cv and maybe syllabi and such . . .
for now, the cv is there, so you're invited to view it & let me know what you think--and tell me if the Greek on it shows up! to see it, just click on any mention of the cv, here or in the links list . . .

& no, it's not quite current, so I'll have to work on that . . .

more pictures soon!

Lawrence nights

well, Thursday found us at a local bar/restaurant (which I don't like, so won't name), for Scott James' weekly trivia competition, (it's moving to a new place next week, as you can see if you click on the name), Brainville Trivia . . . and Deron, Haley, Emily, & I won! we got lucky in many cases (& there was a philosophy category) . . . so we put in $5 each & walked a way with a hundred to split . . . pretty good stuff . . .

and then last night, Aaron did indeed come back for a visit . . .
so, we started the night at Haley's place, where we celebrated her 21st birthday along with about 50 undergraduates . . . even one of the students in my large (250+ kids) Intro to Phil. class . . . so that's fun . . . (sadly, no pictures from there--we were all too busy feeling old to take out our cameras)

& then Haley was finally able to go to the replay, though by then she was a little inebriated:

the lovely Haley

Haley, Deron, and Haley's friend Ellen

Deron, Jesse, Aaron

Scott, Matt Waldschlegel, and Aaron

Emily, Deron, Haley, Yancy (leaning), and Jesse at the replay

Deron & Haley, the lovebirds

Jesse, who was nice enough to tell one of Emily's favorite local dj's, Jeff Watson, who does the classical show on KPR, that he liked his show . . .