in a perfect world of yancies: February 2007

10 February 2007

One month later

Okay, so last month we went to San Diego for the annual meeting of the American Philological Association. I was there to present a paper on Plato at the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy's session with the APA. Feel free to take a look at my abstract if you're interested.
Went pretty well, and the session was chaired by Elizabeth Asmis, who's a pretty big name in ancient philosophy, so that was cool.

The especially fun part, though, was seeing friends there. Some KU people, and also Emily's St Olaf roommate Sally, who lives in SD. We had the chance to try some great food—the sushi, actually, was the highlight: such fresh, delicious fish. . . . And we were able to enjoy 70 degree days on the beach—Emily and Sally even did a little wading in the ocean.

Not to say that the classics conference was overshadowed by the location or anything; I mean, I did hear some pretty good papers: the Lambda Classical Caucus offered a particularly interesting session.

A nice relaxing visit, then, pleasant for both mind and body.
(and thanks again to Sally for showing us around)
(oh, and thanks to Leeroy for the Wilco rarities disk; now playing is Emily's current favorite)

Anyway, here are some photos:

Sally and Emily at Torrey Pines

see above

the Torrey Pine grows only in this small area in southern California, or so we were told

careful, Sally

great shot, taken by Sally

Mimi approaching some seals, with pelicans in the background

seals and humans


seals on the beach

Sally and Mike, the boyfriend


Sally with tree

Mimi and Yancy on a pier

no caption necessary

finally, here's a seagull drinking from a cup:

02 February 2007

Bear Down

Okay, I'm on this bandwagon for sure, just another of the many part-time Bears fans celebrating this trip to the Super Bowl by reminding themselves of the '85 Bears and their awesome LP.

Anyway, I mean no disrespect to today's Bears, and I'll be cheering them on this Sunday. I am happy, though, to offer you the pleasure of hearing the Shuffle (see Now Playing). Enjoy.

And go Bears!