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02 October 2008

Some Happy Hours

My favorite neighborhood blog site,, hosted a happy hour the other day at Liberty.

Great photos from one of the bloggers, Wesa:

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That's Justin on the left, the main force behind the CHS site. Across from him is a blogger who goes by "final answer."

Funny thing about her: she lived in our building for quite a while, but we never actually met her until last night (and now she lives elsewhere on the Hill. Better late than never, though. Check our her cool (and popular!) recent post about the challenges of getting to know your neighbors.)

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I also took some photos with my phone . . . they're not quite as pretty, but here you go:

MvB, of Seattlest. Love his Swearengen / Omar '08 shirt!

(Who? Al Swearengen and Omar Little. Brilliant.)

Another sure fire way to enjoy an hour
Or rather 90 minutes . . .

In any case, if you're a first or second-grader looking to have some fun and cultivate your creative side in the lovely midwestern fall, I urge you to sign up for the Kane Co (IL) Forest Preserve District's Woodland Artists program.

Instructor Magen Iwanski, formerly of the Chicago Children’s Museum, brings her expertise and enthusiasm for kids and art. Each session will incorporate observation skills, outdoor discovery, exploration, and creativity. There will be both indoor and outdoor art projects and activities. Children will create art using a variety of media, such as clay, watercolor, tempera, acrylic and more!

Sounds good to me.

one of the best hours (well, closer to 30 minutes, I guess) of our trip last weekend was spent far from the coast, in Centralia, WA. (It's halfway between Seattle and Portland, get it?)

There we discovered (Emily discovered, to be precise, using that old Internet) La Tarasca. Wow.

Some of the best Mexican food I've had in months. The chile verde was incredible--tender pork smothered in spicy, delicious tomatillo sauce; and those fresh corn tortillas! I know it's a bit of a drive for many of you, but it is SO worth it.


  1. Thanks for posting the blurb about my program. Too bad they have already canceled papermaking (the first session). Oh well, maybe with your help, next weeks session will be filled!


  2. They canceled papermaking? Jerks.

    Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to next week's session. Feel free to send photos!

  3. Great choice for a new About Me photo!