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08 October 2008

Old Friends, New Pups

We had the chance to spend some time last weekend catching up with Sally, who we hadn't seen since like January '07, I think.

Was great fun, especially since she was eager to explore some hiking opportunities. We spent a few hours in the (mostly) beautiful fall weather hiking around Tiger Mountain.

And we sampled beef tongue and pig cheeks at Quinn's. Yum! (Seriously, it was delicious.)

Actually, one thing I really enjoy about entertaining out-of-town visitors (besides seeing great people, of course) is all the great restaurants we get to try. Had phở, and some great Indian food at Qazis, a nice brunch at the new Portage Bay Cafe in South Lake Union, and we had some tasty pizza and mac & cheese (for some reason, that's super popular in Seattle) at the Alibi Room, which is hard to find and seems out of the way even though you can literally see it from Pike Place Market . . .

Anyway, here are a few more photos from the hike:

Meanwhile, back east
Fran and Dave recently got a new puppy, seen here, in Dave's words, "working (worrying?) some ducks":

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  1. Cool pictures all the way around!

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