in a perfect world of yancies: On the Coast

27 September 2008

On the Coast

As we speak we're enjoying a lovely vacation in Oregon.

Been staying at the very nice Inn at Manzanita.

Nice brochures, but what's that in the upper right-hand corner?

At least there's a map . . .

Anyway, here are some photos:

Mimi on the coast, Friday morning

I had to get sunglasses it's so sunny . . . and I didn't want to spend more than $10 . . .

been some cute clouds, too, though

Went for a run Saturday morning:

If you're ever in Manzanita, we urge you to try the Bread and Ocean Bakery. Bring cash and an appetite!

Photo from the Bread and Ocean website.

We also had good luck at the Cloud and Leaf Bookstore. What did I buy? That first Obama book, since we don't have our own copy. How about that debate, by the way? Obama! Yay! Obama!

Okay, anyway, we also found some great yarn at T-Spot Yarn, Teas, and Chocolates.

For lunch, we drove up to Cannon Beach:

w/Haystack rock

taste of my own medicine w/respect to reflective glasses . . .


Went to Tillamook to take a look at the place our cheese comes from:

On Highway 101:

What's that in my glasses?

Oh! It's Emily!

Well, goodnight, reader.


  1. What a charming entry! And I especially love the opening photo as well as the one of Yancy on Highway 101.


  2. I LOVE the Oregon Coast almost as much as I love your sunglasses!!


  3. Yancy, I do hope these new sunglasses will make a repeat visit to your blog.


  4. Great photos of Great people and great places!

  5. I will have to agree with Magen...I would like to see how well the sunglasses go with mimi's red boots, too


  6. Man you killed us, all we did was go to Hannibal, Missouri....Mark Twain, etc, etc.

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    I'll see what I can do about those glasses . . . still sunny today, so who knows?

    Hannibal--perhaps it's no Oregon coast, but I would like to go sometime . . . and speaking of your visit to MO, congrats on the 11th anniversary, Eric & Christy!

    Okay, school's back in session here, so I should get back to grading. . . . Cheers.