in a perfect world of yancies: Colors of Change

20 October 2008

Colors of Change

A bad pun? Well, guess you're stuck with it, dear reader.

Please enjoy these photos from our walk through the Washington Park Arboretum on Sunday:

We weren't the only ones there with a camera . . .

That picture at the start of the post was taken in the Seattle Japanese Garden, as were these next few. What a beautiful place!

Taken through the opening of a 200 year-old lantern, a gift from our sister city, Kobe.



Finally, look what Emily spotted back in our neighborhood:

Also being covered by Seattle's Only Newspaper.


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful photos!

    Amazing mural!

  2. Have you ever thought of enlarging your pics and selling them in your own little Capitol Hill art gallery?


    BTW: the word verification of the day is: oxpwoo...Ox Poo? Interesting.

  3. Interesting indeed . . .

    Thanks both of you for your kind words.

    Amazing that the photos were all taken on my phone, isn't it?

  4. Does that last comment sound weird? What I mean is that it was so pretty the other day, even an amateur with a cell phone was able to capture some of that beauty . . .

    Anyhoo, if you'd like more talk about that mural, the local Post-Intelligencer ran a story this morning.

    Hope you're well, reader.

  5. It is pretty hard to really catch the beauty of nature. It's nice that a cell phone can take such vibrant pictures.