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10 October 2008

Have You Seen This?

I don't want to get too excited, or over-confident or anything, but have you been following the polls recently? This election might just go to the good guys!

from the Times:
Changes Shift Toward Obama in Electoral Map


I mean, he's competitive in Indiana (!), and now North Carolina's a toss-up state?


In the middle of all the bad news lately, at least there's still reason for--um, what's the word?

Oh, right.



  1. My TIME magazine that arrived in yesterday's mail was also pretty encouraging ...


  2. Bad move Dude.

    You never call "tails", never step on the chalk line on a ball field, never wear #13, I am worried about a jinx now.

  3. Yeah, I mean, we'll still probably lose, but if we do the country's pretty much sunk, so we might as well enjoy these wonderful moments of hope and promise, no?

    Anyway, the Times site has just a few more readers than this blog, so isn't the jinx on them?

    Ah, and I did change the font--good eye. Couldn't get the word "phở" to look right in that other font. What do you think of this new one (Arial, I believe)?

  4. Why am I talking about fonts? In response to this recent comment.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I just (finally) found the local Obama office in Helena, so I (again, finally) picked up my Obama '08 button & Obama/Biden bumper sticker last week! I still have to get Ryan to put it on the car, though - it's been too cold to stick....and we just got 26" of snow over the weekend. Anyone up for a sledding party, Christensen-style?


  6. 26" of snow?!? Yow.
    Sledding in October--I'll think about it.

    and I'll try not to mention our weather . . .

    Feel free to send photos if you do get that sticker attached (or if you have a sledding party; or both!). Maybe I'll try to get Emily to pose in her cute Obama t-shirt.