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27 October 2008

Around the House

Look: our lily is blooming for the first time since we've been here! Hooray!

(Last time? try this post)

And what do I wear to run now that it's a little chilly out?

Oh yeah. (If only that rain would come like everyone promised, I could finally put those sunglasses away for the season . . . )

What else? Oh, voted for Obama!

Yay for voting!

Please do the same, dear reader!

[Updated 07:53]
If you do plan to vote (please vote!), and you're willing to make a promise to the band Wilco, you can download a lovely mp3 of them performing Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" together with (Seattle's own) the Fleet Foxes. (Recorded live in Bend, OR.)

Want to watch a video of the song?

(Recorded in Spokane, WA.)

Please vote!

And I'm not sure if you've been watching Mad Men, but this bit from SNL was pretty funny:

Cheers! Happy week and all that!


  1. Oh man most of the SNL episode with him was hilarious. Even Jon Hamm's johnham...

  2. That ham thing sounds promising, but unfortunately if it's not on hulu (or, I guess), we haven't seen it . . . stupid NBC: why can't they just put the whole show up?

    Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  3. I would prefer it to stay sunny in Seattle so the sunglasses will star in your blog again and again


    ("sessies" today - how cute!)

  4. Well, the John Ham's been posted:
    you can watch too, if you'd like.