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14 October 2008


Maybe I'll try a post where I don't mention Obama or the election (oops--damn).

So we went for a walk in the beautiful fall air the other day.

Here's a blurry pic with some tree that you can barely tell are changing--but trust me, they looked great.

Okay, how about this shot from my office window a couple of weeks ago:

Back to this past weekend, what do you think of Emily's new haircut?

Me? Love it.

How about it front of a cute sign?

Oh yeah.
(pdf file of the sign available for downloading or viewing, if you're interested.)

Unrelated bit about music:
Couldn't get any good photo evidence, but we saw Cut Copy the other day & they were awesome. Here's a song I like:
1 Feel The Love - Cut Copy

And finally, in food news
We tried a pizza from the hot new pizza place in the neighborhood (pun intended), 'zaw.

Okay, so yes it's take-and-bake, and yes their name is dumb.

A) they deliver.

B) they deliver using bicycles.

C) the pizza tastes pretty good--nice thin crust; tasty mushrooms on ours.

D) they also deliver local beer and wine.

They've gotten their fair share of press; for some recent write-ups, see this post on

And Sunday we made some lamb stew from a recipe in Sunset (thanks again for the subscription, Magen!).

We even made the broth from scratch! (Thanks again, Olsen Farms!)

Lamb, beef broth, roasted red peppers, capers, kalamata olives, parsley--yum!

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  1. Golly, I'll bet your sunglasses match some of the trees.

    Cute 'do, Emily ...