in a perfect world of yancies: This is the Franklin Primeval

25 February 2013

This is the Franklin Primeval

Wonderful relaxing weekend in the Quinault Rain Forest. Nice quiet hikes, windswept beaches, and quiet evenings by a roaring fire. And great company of course:
On the Falls Creek Trail, Olympic National Park

Stayed at the Lake Quinault Lodge again. Love that fireplace:
Lake Quinault Lodge Fireplace
Great place to stay, and the breakfast is awesome, but if you're looking for dinner I'd recommend getting out and heading up the road to the Salmon House Restaurant. Anyway...

Franklin's first look at the ocean! A windy Beach 1 during high tide's maybe not ideal, but you sure feel the force of something on a day like that!
Beach 1, Olympic National Park

Also took in the view at Kalaloch:
Above Kalaloch Beach, Olympic National Park

Even more fun—and less wind—back at Quinault. Had a great time showing Franklin some of the epiphytes on the Maple Glade trail:
Moss at Maple Glade, Olympic National Park
As they say,

... The murmuring pines and the hemlocks,
Bearded with moss, and in garments green...

Franklin Touching the Moss at Maple Glade, Olympic National Park

Emily got some nice footage of him checking out all the water and moss:

Just love the way things look in the rain forest.
Yancy & Franklin at Maple Glade, Olympic National Park

Pond in Maple Glade, Olympic National Park

Moss Tree on the Kestner Homestead Trail, Olympic National Park

Speaking of rain, I thought it would be fun to try measuring Franklin against the lodge's rain gauge (their record: over 15 feet in one year!)
Rain Gauge, Franklin Gauge

Franklin had other ideas :)
Franklin Flees the Photo

But we got a decent family photo out of the deal:
Family Rain Gauge

Did I mention the breakfast was great?
Breakfast in the Roosevelt Dining Room, Lake Quinault Lodge
Franklin recommends the salmon and cream cheese omelet.

Breakfast in the Roosevelt Dining Room, Lake Quinault Lodge

He also recommends getting a paper coffee cup to play with:
Kid Loves Those Cups...

Took one last hike on Sunday:
Quinault Hike

Enjoyed the views:
Falls Creek Falls

And got ourselves nice and tired for the drive home:
Sleeping on the Ride Home
Until next time. Have a great week, reader!


  1. sounds like a fantastic place and time.

    1. It was great!
      Hope we can show you around out there sometime!

  2. Franklin looks so angelic, especially in that last photo! And that zippered bag looks really handy. It must be waterproof, eh? Love, Gma. C.