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01 February 2013


Spent a fun and informative afternoon at the Museum of History and Industry (you can call it MOHAI if you'd like) last weekend. Even more fun since we were able to tour alongside Tyler, Jenn, and Jeff.
Franklin, Jenn, and Tyler at MOHAI
Franklin was pretty comfy touring some exhibits with Jenn and Tyler.

We didn't see half of the cool stuff they mention in the New York Times review that ran when it opened in December, but we're definitely looking forward to visiting again soon. If you happen to be in the area, you really have to see the exhibit on the Seattle Fire: the singing and lights seem silly at first, but all of a sudden I realized I had just learned a ton about the fire. And I got to see Franklin bop around and clap to the music, so that's not so bad either :)

I also really enjoyed the interactive topographic map that showed how all the canal building and regrading have shaped the city. Super cool and a little mind-blowing.

Meanwhile, Jeff had some fun with the green screen in the temporary exhibit on cinema in Seattle:
Jeff on the Green Screen at MOHAI
And just by the way: boy do I wish movie theaters hadn't replaced movie palaces. Anyway...

Since then, it's been kind of hectic, but fortunately Franklin and I have been able to enjoy some quiet walks in the rain. And I love how helpful he's been lately:
Franklin Helping Hold my Umbrella

Finally, it's February, so we've got a big day coming up! Many of you may be too far from Seattle to make it, but in case you're curious here's a shot of the invite we sent out:
And if you would like to stop by and wish him well, reader, let me know & I'll put you on the list!

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  1. Pretty classy invite! Wish I could be there...
    Love, Gma C. X :) X