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13 February 2013

Be Mine

Doing a unit in class on functionalism and the possibility of machine consciousness tomorrow, so I figured putting Franklin in this outfit would give me the perfect image to get things going:
I <3 Robots
Emily and I have never made much fuss about this holiday, but the timing seemed too good to ignore.

Franklin also the other day received this related gift from Wendy:
Happy Valentine's Bib
Pretty cute!

And thanks to Wendy for coming over last weekend to hang out with Franklin while Emily and I saw Side Effects. The movie was pretty entertaining, and the cast was great, but the real fun may have been back at home:
Wendy's Babysitting Photo
That's from Facebook. If you want to read all the comments, try the large version.

Well, I'm off to enjoy one of the delicious cookies that Emily decorated at Katrina's the other night:
Happy Hearts
Thanks Katrina! They're delicious!

Hope you have a happy one, reader!

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