in a perfect world of yancies: Happy Birthday Franklin!

19 February 2013

Happy Birthday Franklin!

Had a great time celebrating Franklin with some great friends on Sunday. Can't believe he's one already!
Happy Birthday Franklin!

Many thanks to Vios Café: great food _and_ a fun play area for the kids:

Thanks also to Cupcake Royale: I think he approves!

Back at home, he's been making the most of all of his gifts (which may require off-sight storage soon at this rate...). Like this music box from Grandma Christine:

And the pretty awesome Punch & Drop:

Plus I just heard from Emily that today, since he's a one-year-old, he started going out for "recess" at daycare! Hopefully we'll get some photos or video of that soon.

Thanks again to everyone. It's been a great year!

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  1. You are all lucky to have each other!!!

    Have a great second year, Franklin!

    Love, Grandma Christine