in a perfect world of yancies: A Spoonful of Cute

06 March 2013

A Spoonful of Cute

Getting pretty good with the spoon:

Though maybe he's not quite ready for soup? Can that bib really hold up under all the pressure??

He's been dancing a lot lately, including Monday when we were listening to the KEXP stream. But when I tried to record that, he got a little distracted by all those fun keys on the computer:

Finally, as some of you may know, he's been a little more confident about exploring the playground at Miller Playfield:
Checking out the Playground

Checking out the Playground

And he was maybe a little more enthusiastic than I was about the book club's last read, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk:
He Likes the Book...
All right, well, speaking of halftime, he's about to wake up from his nap, so this blogging break is about over. Cheers.


  1. he is growing up...and its so wonderful you have time to spend with him.

    1. Agreed! I feel grateful every day for the time we have.