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07 February 2013

Handy Dandy

Emily and Franklin picked up some (washable, thank heavens) paint and paper the other day, and we gave the little man the chance to make his mark.
Hand Printing
Did I mention how wise it was of Emily to get washable paint? :)

But a couple handprints ended up looking pretty cool. Maybe the best of the bunch:
Franklin's High Five

Meanwhile, he's made the leap to technology, and is now using those hands to feed himself with a spoon:
Also using the spoon to fling applesauce, but ate an impressive amount yesterday. Quite a guy.

Finally, Magen the other day shared these great photos of the Iwanski kids using some pretty sophisticated tools. Snorkel set:
Happy Birthday Snorkel Set

And a diaper on an Elmo doll:
Amelia, Braxton, Evan, Elmo
My favorite part of that might be the response I got when I asked if Elmo was in fact wearing a diaper: "Elmo IS wearing a that was a part of Amelia's birthday gift from you guys. Evan actually loves to play with Amelia's this was a way that everyone could enjoy changing a diaper :)"

Speaking of, I've got something to do. Until next time!


  1. Cute hand prints! Looks like you guys had a fun day!

  2. I laughed out loud--several times--when I read this latest entry. Thanks!!! Love, Gma C.

  3. Thanks you two! If we manage to get some more solid prints, I'll be sure to send you some!