in a perfect world of yancies: And the Whole World Smiles with You

26 January 2013

And the Whole World Smiles with You

Smiling at Mom
I mean, come on. :)

So, what else is knew? How about this excerpt from the newsletter at Franklin's daycare? He finally agreed to pose for a photograph!

ILC-Newsletter.pdf by Yancy Hughes Dominick

(On p.2)

While the scanner's humming, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share the drawing Amelia made me over the holidays:
Amelia's Drawing
We're not seeing too many sunny skies around here lately, but after 12 days of weirdness I'm pretty happy for 40's and rainy, even if there aren't any rainbows outside.

Of course, as the song says, there are some smiles that make the sun come shining through (for which, see above).

So anyway, first day when the rain returned, Franklin and I grabbed our coats and went for a walk. Excellent. And I was happy to see I wasn't the only one out with a baby recently:

Okay, that's about all, but you'll be glad to know Franklin's now big enough for the KU onesie that the Lee's got him last summer when we rolled through Kansas:
More KU Style

More KU Style
Until next time, gentle reader.


  1. is Franklin walking without holding onto something? or running?


  2. Not yet, but he's definitely working on it. Baby steps, as they say.