in a perfect world of yancies: Sweeping, Hooding, Riding

24 May 2009

Sweeping, Hooding, Riding

While I was in Baltimore last month, Emily helped clean a few blocks of Seattle with some other Zipcar members. Swept up cigarette butts and such.

Can you spot her head peeking out in the photo?

Now you can read about it in the Zipcar newsletter. Way to go, Emily!

And in return, she got a few treats, including a shopping bag, a free breakfast, free lunch, a $25 driving credit, and a voucher for symphony tickets. So, you know, not a bad bit of volunteer work...

Got a few more photos of Merrica's graduation. Here's a favorite:

Oh, and how about one more shot of my handsome new bike?
new bike!

Happy Memorial Day, reader!


  1. Impressive photos, all three!

    Zipcar's Robin Chase was recently featured as one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people. The article about her mentioned that she is working on a new bike-rental program called GoLoco.

  2. Thanks for mentioning that write-up.

    We're definitely fans of Zipcar...I mean, yes it's for profit, but wow does it beat owning a car, at least for us.

    From the look of it, that GoLoco is ride-sharing, not bikes.

    Hey, so maybe the bike thing is there for the taking? Who wants in on the ground floor?

  3. Egads—how did I get "bike" out of "ride?" I must need new glasses!

    This fits: my word verification is follyz.