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07 May 2009

What Can't be Said

I can't express all the reasons why I love newspapers, but I really appreciate cmd's comment from the other day. It helps remind me of some of what's so great about newspapers and the lives they're part of.

It's hard to put this next thing into words as well:

From, which I read about in the Times Magazine, in Virginia Heffernan's great column, The Medium, which explains that the videos are "built from dozens of fragments of video clips of (mostly amateur) musicians, selected from among the seemingly endless footage of music lessons and private recitals archived on YouTube."

So cool.

Finally, I've heard that Plato discovered some things he couldn't or wouldn't write down. Aristotle refers to "the so-called unwritten teachings" (τὰ λεγόμενα ἄγραφα δόγματα)...

Anyway, it's a little on the mysterious side for my tastes, but SU is hosting a conference this weekend, so I'll probably be busy with that for the next few days.

You probably remember my book review from a couple of years ago, which touched on this subject:

inasmuch as the unwritten views are given pride of place, the Tübingen reading implies that Plato conceives of philosophy as a doctrine rather than a method: as Mann writes, this is a "decidedly un-Socratic" (383) view of philosophy, and I would add that it seems also rather un-Platonic. Mann also highlights the surprising banality of the supposedly central Platonic doctrines: there is a One, and a Dyad. "'Is that all there is?' (Shades of Peggy Lee!)" (385).

Well, I'll try to keep an open mind, reader...

I'd promise to tell you about it afterward, but will that even be possible??

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