in a perfect world of yancies: Way to Go Merrica!

17 May 2009

Way to Go Merrica!

And thanks for recording the video, Gina!

She also got a shot of Chet on his way to get the paper:

Congrats to them both!

(Oh, and stay tuned for Fran & Dave pics, plus new bike pics...)


  1. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations, Merrica! (And Chet, too!)

    And thanks, Gina and Yancy!

    Proud Mom

  2. As we wait for more pictures (and for me to take the time to do those other promised posts), here's a bit on clothing:

    So Merrica was hooded with a Masters degree hood, the inside of which is lined with the U of Montana colors (maroon and silver, I believe) in silk, and the outside of which has a velvet trim in the color which represents the discipline.

    Business is represented by drab.


    Chet has a lei on, but I think that was just so he could be seen from afar...

  3. Update from Merrica with respect to the color of the silk lining:

    "the traditional colors were copper and gold, i think they changed in the early 90s
    but the hoods are still the traditional colors"

    So that's kind of cool.

  4. And where did maroon come from? Emily found out:

    "The University's colors are copper, silver and gold, stemming from Montana's history of mining. However, the combination of these three colors is difficult to produce consistently. In the past, when the color copper was unavailable in ink, maroon was used to represent copper."

    (from the school's website)

  5. Very interesting—thanks for the explanation!