in a perfect world of yancies: Biking and Wining

20 May 2009

Biking and Wining

Finally, more photos!
Fran & Dave in central WA
Fran and Dave joined Emily on a tour of some of the many vineyards out in the Yakima Valley. I was at some conference or other (shh!), so I missed it. Looks nice, though. Lovely weather too.

And tasty wine when they got back, so it worked out all right for me.

On the way, Dave took a look at the Pacific Crest Trail.
Dave on Pacific Crest Trail
Not quite ready for hiking...

Dave on Pacific Crest Trail
Maybe just a short walk.

Grape vines:
grape vines
Among the wines I sampled (a fraction of what they tried, of course), a highlight was from the Bonair Winery. So if you see it at your local Binny's (?), check it out.

Fun visit all around: had a great dinner at Lola, saw a fun production of Sunday in the Park with George at the 5th Avenue Theater (cool slideshow on their website), and enjoyed some surpisingly nice May weather together.

On an unrelated note, Emily's been rehousing these wax babies lately:
wax baby
You be the judge: cute or freaky?

Oh, and I got a new bike!
new bike!

Took it on a nice ride out to Golden Gardens Park:
at Golden Gardens beach

So far, so good. Here's the look for the morning ride to work:
leaving for work


  1. Wait...did you ride in the Preakness?

  2. Yancy is more of an urban jockey :)

  3. Yeah, the head gear kinda threw me. magen

  4. Urban jockey?
    Been called worse, I guess.

    Yeah, I needed a new helmet & didn't want one of those racing-style ones, since I usually go pretty slow...
    so Mimi picked that one out for me, and here we are.