in a perfect world of yancies: Petals and Wigs

03 May 2009

Petals and Wigs

Tried to capture some of the amazing blizzard of petals and blossoms the other day...didn't quite work, but I think it's an accidentally nice little video:

That music in the background? According to the KEXP playlist, it's The Veils, "The House She Lived In."

Saturday was our friend Wendy's birthday party. She wanted everyone to dress as a rock star...

Emily (of course) looked great as Lisa Loeb:
E as Lisa Loeb

I kind of tried (hey, more than you'd expect, right?) to dress like Kanye West:
Y as (sort of) Kanye

Oh, and this afternoon we heard a nice piece on newspapers on Vinyl Cafe. Please enjoy:


  1. What a great piece on newspapers! This gem should be required listening—everywhere. And what memories it stirred. Of the four Chicago dailies, my family had two delivered to our home. I remember having a crush on the boy who delivered the Herald American by bike after school; the Tribune—the "World's Greatest Newspaper" from which WGN got its call letters—came in the morning. My Dad always preferred to buy the Daily News on his way home from work; that way he could be assured of getting the latest version. I guess they updated it every few hours, and I think he looked for the "Red Streak" edition. We also bought the Sun Times on Sundays, but I suspect that was more for the rotogravure section and the comics. I remember the newspaper "shacks" on the corners of busy intersections, from the downtown area all the way to my neighborhood. It seems to me they were all painted dark green. Cars stopped for red lights could purchase a paper on their way to wherever. I remember one of my Dad's favorite sayings: "If newsprint ever went out of style, your mother would surely perish!"

    And speaking of memories, I remember when Lisa Loeb's "Stay" first came out, how Merrica and I loved it and even used to sing it together. I remember sitting in her room in Helena, so she must have been in 6th or 7th grade.

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!


  2. Correction: When we subscribed to the Daily News, it was the Red Streak Edition that was delivered to our house. Not satisfied with that, my father cancelled our subscription and purchased the Final Edition on his way home from work every day.

    In my opinion, the best thing about the Daily News was Mike Royko’s column. He was like the conscience of Chicago, sort of a Michael Moore for our time (and just as funny).

  3. Egads—wrong again!!!

    It was the Blue Streak that was delivered to our house; the Red Streak WAS the final edition. So I guess I was right the first time ...

  4. Interesting combo: Lisa Loeb & Mr. West...very interesting :o)