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11 May 2009

That Good Old New Frontier

Had a great visit with Fran & Dave, but don't have the photos for you yet, so in the meantime, how about this photo attached to Maureen Dowd's column from last week:

photo by the Times

Also read a nice piece in Newsweek about our Trekkie age...

Hope plus Obama plus Star Trek = yancies like it!

(Oh, and the movie was pretty good too, especially the main actors, who did a great job of capturing the essentials of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Will have to see it at least one more time before making further judgments.)

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  1. I was going to e-mail Maureen Dowd's column to you but figured I didn't have to.

    Rahmulen muscle: how very clever!

    Enjoyed the Newsweek piece—thanks.