in a perfect world of yancies: The Longest Bike Ride Ever

01 June 2009

The Longest Bike Ride Ever least for us.

Rode out to Woodinville. 20 miles one way! Here's a map:

View redhook ride in a larger map

And when we got there? Dinner at Red Hook Brewery.

Here's the photo Emily's looking at in the photo on the map:
E at redhook

Speaking of Emily, she was just named Chair of the Seattle Area Archivists. Huzzah!

Oh, and here she is with a large pine cone:
E with cone



  1. Wow—congratulations! What a great adventure.

    And congratulations, Emily!!!

    My word verification is unsore.

  2. Unsore--definitely not how my legs feel today...

    Anyway, thanks!
    Too bad we only thought to take pictures inside the brewery; wish I could share some of the beautiful scenery.

    Guess you'll just have to ride out there with us sometime, reader.