in a perfect world of yancies: Philoi is Greek for "Friends"

27 April 2009

Philoi is Greek for "Friends"

(Would write φίλοι if I thought your computer could handle it, reader...)

All right, first of all, I wanted to thank Adam & Melissa (and their son Hollis), who I hadn't seen since junior year at LFC. Adam picked me up at the Baltimore airport, introduced me to the Nautilus Diner, and (with the rest of the family) treated me to some tasty food one night in Timonium. Sadly that all took place before I was into my "groove" with the picture taking . . .
Maybe next time.

Meanwhile, here are some scenes from the rest of the trip:
Deron at the White Tiger
Dinner with Deron at the White Tiger in DC. Mmm.

Saw Haley too.
Haley & Deron
Tried to get us all in one frame; almost succeeded:
Haley (mostly), Yancy, Deron
Thanks also to them for the fun and the ride to the airport on Sunday!

But why hang out in the Baltimore/DC area, aside from the cool people? I was there attending the Ancient Philosophy Society meeting. Good group. I even gave some comments on a paper on Plato's Meno, which seemed well-received. So that's cool.
APS group photo

Unfortunately, Emily wasn't able to go. But she did attend a birthday party at an apartment with this view:
view from roof of agnes lofts
So things ended up all right...

Here she is from the computer's perspective:

Hope you had a nice weekend as well.



  1. Indeed, Tom just finished his book (on the Charmides), and showed up in Baltimore excited to share the manuscript with some of the folks there...

    He seemed well, and assured me that the KU department remains, um, exciting.

  2. Glad the conference went well.

    How nice that you were able to touch base with old friends.